Error 0x80246007 in Windows Update? Fixing

Although updating can be difficult, maintaining the operating system requires frequent updates. While attempting to install the updates, customers occasionally receive errors; in other cases, the updates are broken. For instance, Windows users have recently reported receiving the update error 0x80246007, which prevents them from updating their operating systems or installing applications. We’ll look into why this occurs and how to fix the problem.

Windows Update Error 0x80246007 Causes

Several things could lead to the Windows install/update error 0x80246007.


Let’s say you installed a protection tool from a third party on your computer system. In that case, fake security alerts will likely interfere with installing apps or updates, leading to errors like the one above.

Corruption Issue

The system may have a corruption error that keeps it from installing the latest updates.

Issue With Update Components

The update components must work for the system to install the latest updates. Your computer will often give you update errors if these parts need to be fixed or fixed.

Essential Eervices Are Disabled

To install updates, the system, like Windows Update components, must be able to access the services it needs. As a result, if these services are disabled or damaged, you cannot download Windows and app updates.

Let’s look at some fixing techniques that can help you quickly resolve the issue now that we’ve talked about the potential causes of the problem.

Windows Update Error 0x80246007? How To Fix

Check Internet Connection

An internet connection is needed for Windows updates to work. When you use Windows to download and install an update, the operating system talks to Microsoft computers over the internet to get the information it needs. The update will fail to install, leading to an error if your device is not connecting to the internet or has a bad connection. So, the first thing you should do is make sure your internet connection is stable. You should try to connect to your VPN again. If that doesn’t work, try installing the update again, but with a different connection. If the issue is caused by a bad internet connection, switching to a new network will fix the problem.

Clear SoftwareDistribution Folder

The SoftwareDistribution folder is where Windows briefly keeps software files, downloaded update packages, history logs, and other linked data. The Windows Update service will probably fail to access the installation data and download update packages if any of these files get damaged. This will cause the issue that is currently being discussed. Any possible damage errors can be fixed by deleting the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder in this case. The information in this folder is only temporary, so deleting it won’t hurt your system. To see if the problem is fixed, restart your computer after you empty the folder.

Apply Generic Windows Update Fixes

For problems with Windows Update, you can now try installing more general fixes.


Installation and update errors can be annoying, but they are almost always easy to fix. We hope that the steps in this guide will help you fix error code 0x80246007 on Windows 10 or 11. You can either stay for Microsoft to release an official fix or directly download the update from Microsoft’s update store if the problem still exists after attempting several other solutions.

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