Fixing the 0x0000003B BSOD in Windows Quickly?

People may find Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) errors frustrating and upsetting. The BSOD of 0x0000003B is an error that shows up when the system doesn’t do anything. It could be caused by an old driver, a damaged system file, an old operating system, or a disagreement between pieces of software. In conclusion, it could be caused by hardware and software issues. The next parts will discuss the problem and how to fix it quickly.

0x0000003B Error Code Reasons

Let’s determine what’s causing the problem using the solving techniques first. This issue shows up when a system service doesn’t work right. This could be brought on by hardware or software-related issues. If the issue is related to hardware, it could be caused by out-of-date drivers, broken hardware, a damaged hard drive, a bad graphics card, or a problem with the power source.

If it is related to software, conflicting software apps running on your system may result in a problem. A corruption fault or malware on your system may make it impossible for services to function properly. Finally, your system may need to be updated, leading to compatibility issues and the BSOD error 0x0000003B. Now that we know the different answers let’s look at the fixing techniques that can assist you in permanently resolving the problem.

Unplug External Peripherals

When external devices are used with system services or drivers, they may not work well together, leading to errors. This group includes USB devices, printers, scanners, and other similar parts. As a result, the first thing we recommend is uninstalling any external devices that are linked to the computer. Check to see if the error returns after performing the action that initially caused it. If it doesn’t, it means one of the external gadgets is the culprit. If this is the case, plug in each device individually to check which is causing the issue. After identifying the problem, you can replace the broken gadget.

Run System Scan

Next, we recommend performing a system check using the SFC and DISM tools. These two built-in Windows tools search the system for potential issues and then take action without human intervention. The SFC tool, for instance, will check the system for broken files and replace them with saved copies that are healthy if any are found.

On the other hand, DISM works better than SFC and is frequently used to fix problems that SFC can’t fix. A faulty system picture, which may be the source of the problem, can also be repaired with its help. If the error is generated by a corruption error within the system, using the SFC and DISM tools together can assist in identifying the problem and fixing it for good.

Run Windows Memory Diagnostics

The source of this Blue Screen of Death issue could also be your system memory. For instance, you may have bad RAM that is causing data loss or causing data to be put in the wrong place in memory, leading to the problem. If this happens, the best thing to do is use the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool. This tool will run several tests on your RAM to identify any issues. Your computer will restart, and the findings will appear on the screen when the tests are over.

To fix a problem found by the tool, you can take the necessary action, such as switching out RAM modules.

Update Network & Graphic Drivers

The 0x0000003B BSOD could occasionally result from a problem with the network or computer drivers. This happens when the drivers need to be updated most of the time. This problem can often be fixed by simply changing your computer drivers to the latest versions. Using the Device Manager program, you may perform this on Windows.
Obtain a new network driver.

If updating the drivers doesn’t work, get the new and updated drivers from the manufacturer’s website and install them there. Since it is risky, we do not recommend using unreliable services to download new drivers. Using driver update software from a third party is only a good idea if you are sure that the tool gives you safe and real drivers.

Uninstall Malwarebytes

If you have Malwarebytes on your computer, the problem is probably caused by that program. Most of the time, Malwarebytes doesn’t cause the problem directly but makes it worse. This happens when the security program gets in the way of the system’s processes while it’s running in the background or when it doesn’t work with other software. These can lead to system problems, which is what caused the error. The simplest way to identify whether this is the case is by turning off or uninstalling Malwarebytes.

  • To remove a program, open the Control Panel and go to Programs > Uninstall a program. Right-click on Malwarebytes and choose “Uninstall.”
  • Once you restart your computer, check to see if the problem’s been fixed.

Perform Clean Boot

Other outside programs on your computer, like Malwarebytes, can also mess up background system processes, creating problems like the one you’re currently experiencing. A simple way to identify if a piece of third-party software you just installed is the culprit is to perform a “clean boot.” In Clean Boot, the system starts with only the most important drivers and apps. This is a testing state. Should the problem not appear when the system is in the “clean boot” state, a background process causes the issue you set up. It’s possible that uninstalling the concerned software would help in this case. It is best to perform a system reset if you need clarification onich program is causing the problem. This will fix the issue by returning your system to when the BSOD wasn’t present.


You should be able to fix the BSOD 0x0000003B using the abovementioned techniques. Consider returning Windows to its previous state if the 0x0000003B BSOD issue recurs. This will return Windows to how it was when you started using it. The issue can also be reported to Microsoft using the Feedback Hub. An expert will assist you in identifying the issue’s underlying cause and recommend a workable fix. To prevent this problem from happening again, ensure that the operating system and its drivers are always up to date.

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