How to Activate 5G in Non-5G Country on Android?

There are 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G generations of mobile networks. But 5G is the fourth generation of wireless standards used around the world. Almost everything and everyone will be connected with 5G. This includes machines, objects, devices, and people. Wireless 5G technology is made to provide data speeds of up to many gigabits per second, ultra-low latency, huge network capacities, a consistent user experience, and more access to more people. At the same time, new user experiences are made possible by better performance and more efficient use of resources. But the 5G spectrum is not available in a lot of countries. So, for those people, we made this guide on how to Activate 5G on Android devices in countries that don’t have 5G. Thus, let’s get started.

How to Activate 5G on Non-5G Countries on Android Device

First of all, we want to thank Meroine95 (XDA Senior Member) for making an excellent tutorial that made it possible to get 5G on Android phones that didn’t support it. It gives me great pleasure to thank everyone who has said nice things about your success. Now, the goal will be to take things one step at a time. Here is a full description of how to do it.

Disclaimer: The steps we’re going to show you below will only work on Google Pixel devices.


  • You should have at least 60% of power left. If you want to keep your device from shutting down while it’s charging, it’s best to charge it all the process up.
  • You should always have a PC and a USB data cable on hand.
  • Magisk is what you should use to root your device. It’s important to remember that unlocking the bootloader will happen when you “root” your device. So, if you don’t want to lose your data, it’s important to make a full backup of everything on the device.
  • You will need a 5G plan to activate on 5G on your SIM card.
  • 5G coverage is needed for it to work.

How To Activate 5G Network?

  1. Enable Root access through Magisk to make sure your handset can be rooted.
  2. To activate on VOLTE on the handset, you have to use Magisk Manager to instal the Magisk module.
  3. To fix the system, reboot the device right away. Please wait while it starts up.
  4. When the bootloader is unlocked, all of the device’s internal data is deleted. After the computer starts up, you will need to finish the initial setup process.
  5. After that, turn on your internet and go to the Google Play Store to find the Network Signal Guru app.
  6. After that, click the three dots, choose Force Control, and then choose your SIM card.
  7. Now, on the ENDC menu, choose NR SETTING > Opt2(0x10) and Opt3(0x01).
  8. Last but not least, turn on the phone again. It should work well in places where 5G is available.

Note: You might not be able to get a 5G signal on your phone if you can’t choose NR/LTE/GSM/WCDMA from the Preferred Network menu. From your cell phone, dial 4636.

People in many countries, such as Hungary, Romania, the Philippines, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates, have said that Google Pixel and Android devices don’t do a good job of documenting this hand. It also worked on devices with both Android 12 and Android 13 Beta. So, it’s important to make sure your device is compatible with Android 10/11 before you decide if it works or not.

Final Words:

Anyway, if you have any questions or want more information, please visit the post on the XDA thread directly if you find this process hard to do on your handset. If you have any thoughts on “How to Activate 5G in a Country Without 5G on Android?,” feel free to leave them in the box below.

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