Best Church Presentation Software Choices for 2024

Currently, church presentation software is one of the most important things you need. We know! Thanks to tough competition and its wide range of uses, today’s church presentation software has stayed fairly priced for most users. It can be hard to pick the best Church Presentation Software for 2024 because there are so many. Because of this, we spent a lot of time researching and judging everyone we could get our hands on.

These are the top eight church presentation apps chosen based on how well they work for us. Read on for more information about Church Presentation Software, or click on any apps to see why we chose them.

It might be hard to pick the right presentation software because there seem to be many options. You must choose the right technology when making and showing visually stunning video presentations for events, worship services, and other gatherings.

Best Church Presentation Software Choices for 2024

Below, we briefly describe each free church presentation platform, along with images of the user interface and highlights of its best uses.

1. Propresenter

ProPresenter is software for making church presentations on Mac and Windows computers. It lets you assemble presentations with text, Bible texts, pictures, videos, and song lyrics. With its multi-screen feature, you can cast different images onto more than one screen. The library tool in ProPresenter lets you save frequently used songs, video files, and Bible verses so that you can quickly find them when you’re making presentations.

If you often use video presentations, ProPresenter is the best free church presentation software because it can make great movies. When you import a video into ProPresenter, you don’t need to download a separate video player to play it.

2. Worship Tools

With Worship Tools Presenter, a free cloud-based church presentation tool, you may view your collection of songs, videos, and presentations from anywhere you have an internet link. Its built-in Bibles make it easy to read the Bible quickly. This cross-platform church presentation tool works with CCLI SongSelect and lets you show and import song lyrics that your audience can follow.

Worship Tools Presenter is the best free software for church presentations because it lets you add motion graphics to make them more interesting. Repeating motion graphics make text presentations look more lively without being too jarring. The Worship Tools Presenter comes with a ton of free motion graphics.

3. FreeWorship

Using the church presentation software Free Worship, one may make presentations that include graphics, movies, Bible verses, and song lyrics. When you give a talk, Freeworship lets you change your presentation style to fit the type of event. It has a stage show feature that lets staff members get directions during presentations.

Free Worship may be used as free church presentation software for PowerPoint presentations because it is integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint. When you use combined PowerPoint, you may show slides without losing important parts like graphs, tables, and style when showing reports to church staff or donors. Another benefit is that you don’t have to change the layout of a PowerPoint presentation like you do when using an external projector. This makes it easier to show presentations clearly.

4. ispring suite

The iSpring Suite is an eLearning creation toolkit that works with PowerPoint. It lets users turn their presentations into fun courses. It provides a collection of tools for creating conversation scenarios, live tests, and other types of assessments. Users can improve their courses by adding screencasts, video classes, and other engaging bits.

Users of iSpring Suite can use PowerPoint expertise when developing lively, interesting lessons for Sunday school and other educational reasons. Because the tool is designed to be easy to use, you don’t need to know anything about technology to make eLearning material. Users may also keep an eye on how their students are doing, publish their courses on the web or in their LMS, and use data to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their training resources.

5. Slipity

Text, media, YouTube videos, and song lyrics may be projected onto an external display using the iOS software Slipity. You can customize your slides to look exactly how you want them to, changing the sizes, movement times, and background parts. You can also set a time-based cue in Slipity to decide when a certain presentation will start.

If your church uses Mac and iOS devices, Slipity is the best program because it works best with these systems. AirPlay Mirroring allows you to direct presentations displayed on a big screen. If you use Stage Display, you may see the entire output on your projector screen and the current and following slides as plain text on your control monitor.

6.  Big Screen

The web tool Big Screen allows you to create and manage presentations for social events and church services. By creating themes, you can make presentations look and feel the same on all devices. It works great no matter how many outlet devices you have because it supports many outputs.

Big Screen is the best software for making church presentations with Bible verses in more than one language. The New King James Version, La Biblia de las Américas, the Japanese Contemporary Bible, the New American Standard Bible, and other versions of the Bible’s words are included. By utilizing Big Screen’s international features, you may promote inclusion and aid non-English users in feeling more at home in your community.

7. Open Song

OpenSong is software that displays words to songs and live presentations for church presentations. It can project Bible text onto a big screen during a worship service. OpenSong lets you make custom slides with a mix of text, graphics, videos, and scripture to make worship sessions more interesting.

This is the best app for church presentations if you want to show off your music to your church’s band or music service. The song’s title, author, copyright, and CCLI number may be displayed along with it.

8. ShareFaith

Presenters do not have to be used by every church. Small to medium-sized churches that use PowerPoint a lot, have multiple schools, or think it’s a great tool for service were the ones who made it. Because PowerPoint lacks any worship features, we made our plugin that turns PowerPoint into a full church presentation tool. It’s quick and easy and works great for a beautiful worship service.

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