Best Google Search Engine Alternatives For 2022

We all know that Google is the biggest and best search engine on the internet. StatCounter, a research company, says that it is the most widely used in the world, with a market penetration of 96.35%. So, in this article, I’ll show you a great list of the 10 best search engines that aren’t Google so that you can stop depending on it. Best Google Search Engine Alternatives For 2022.

List of 10 Best Google Search Engine Alternatives For 2022

Google, a big tech company, is the best search engine on the internet. In fact, it is the most widely used in the world with a market penetration of 96.35%, according to current data from the research firm StatCounter. This is because of two very important factors. First, its brand is so strong that it has become a synonym for online searches.

On the other hand, it works much better than anything else on the market. Anyway, it’s important to remember that there are other search options besides the tech giant Google that can be useful in some situations, especially when the user wants to search in more privacy. So, let’s not waste any more time and go through the list to find the best Google Search Engine alternatives.


This Alternative of Google Search Engine, which used to be called “Clusty,” can combine the results of more than one engine into a single list. It also keeps the user’s privacy private. But it doesn’t have as many cool features as a comprehensive search engine, like the ability to choose between images, news, and videos. As a difference, Yippy separates the search results by sources and topics so that you can do a kind of sub-search.

2. Bing

Google Search Engine Alternatives

This Similar to Google Search Engine, which is owned by the tech giant Microsoft, has been trying to compete with the tech giant Google for years, but it hasn’t been very successful. Anyway, it’s a good idea to try this resource because, even though it looks a lot like Google, it has different features. For example, you can save an image or search for similar ones with a simple click. Also, it has a parental control feature that is easy to set up and keeps kids from seeing inappropriate content.

3. Goodsearch

Google Search Engine Alternatives

To a certain extent, it is similar to Ecosia, but, in this case, Goodsearch uses Yahoo’s search engine to clarify that the profits obtained from advertising are distributed among different charities from different parts of the world. The fact that the user can choose which NGO will get the money is interesting. This engine is used by more than 100,000 non-profit groups, which, according to its own page, have already given almost $13 million to different causes.

4. Ecosia

Google Search Engine Alternatives

People who care about the environment might want to use this search engine because, according to the company’s executives, about 80% of the advertising profits they make each month are used to plant trees in different countries. In this way, the company says that they have already planted more than 7 million trees up to this point. Also Check : Easily Turn Off AutoCorrect In Microsoft Word.

5. StartPage

Google Search Engine Alternatives

If you want to stay anonymous when you search online, this search engine is another option to think about. For this reason, it doesn’t keep track of the IP address from which the internet is accessed. It has a high SSL encryption score and a number of certifications from the private sector, such as the European Privacy Seal. This search engine, which is billed as “the most private in the world,” uses tech giant Google’s own search engine in a way that makes the results the same as those that can be accessed using tech giant Google.


Google Search Engine Alternatives

This is Like Google Search Engine of French origin is quite peculiar since it shows the homepage results already sorted by categories, such as social networks, images, news, videos, and even music.

7.Science DIRECT

Google Search Engine Alternatives
It is the most used search engine in the world for finding scientific papers. When you go to this site, you can choose from a number of options to filter the content you want to find to make your search more precise. Also Check : DosMovies Alternatives.


Google Search Engine Alternatives

This Alternative of Google Search Engine combines the results of popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. It has been around for a few years and is known for making it easy for users to tell the difference between the content they are looking for and ads. Not only is it easy to use, but its design is also simple to offer its users a better experience.


Google Search Engine Alternatives

More cybernauts worry about their privacy on the network all the time. In this way, the search engine with the name “Duck” is a better choice because it guarantees that its users’ information and search history are not shared or saved. Because of this, in January it was the first time it had more than 14 million searches in a single day. Even though this number can’t be compared to Google’s, it is still important to keep an eye on the trend.

10. Gibiru

Google Search Engine Alternatives

This alternative Google Search Engine follows links, images, and videos and shows all the results it finds when using Google’s “personalised search,” but it doesn’t use any of Google’s methods for tracking users. Even so, and despite all of its benefits, it is still light years away from the data that moves giants like Google (which usually gets 3500 million queries every 24 hours), the social network giant Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo (870 million searches per day). As if that wasn’t enough, DuckDuckGo also doesn’t show sponsored results, so there is no advertising. It also has some odd features, like the ability to make a QR code that leads to a certain search.

Final Words:

As you can see, big Similar Google Search Engine have a lot of good features, but they are still missing something that all of the well-known and interesting search engines on this list have. So, what do you think of this list of great things? Which one is your favourite? Use the space below to say what you think and what you want to say.

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