Top 7 Free Audiobook Apps for Audible

“Audible” is the best audiobook app in what seems to be a busy market. Because it has more than 400,000 audio programs from famous authors, reporters, and performers, the company that makes the most free audiobooks is a one-stop shop for book lovers. Unfortunately, even though almost everything about the Audible app is good, the $14.95/month price tag makes it too expensive for most people.

Pick the App that works Best for you to Listen to Books.

As I said, your only choices for a favorite audiobook app are the books you like to read and how much money you have. If you like to read, look for apps with a large library of books on various themes. However, if you only listen to podcasts sometimes, you should save money or get something else. For audiobook fans of all kinds to find an app that meets their needs exactly, we selected a range of apps for this list.

How Do You Get AudioBooks?

Audiobooks work similarly to podcasts. The best audiobooks can be saved to listen to later, even when you’re not online. You can build a nice library of all the audiobooks you like in most audiobook apps by creating a “wishlist” of your favorites.

You can listen to the podcasts and pick out your favorites because there are so many. After that, you can listen to them whenever you want. No matter what you like, you can fine-tune the speed and noise and even set a sleep timer to make it easy to fall asleep.

Top 7 Free Audiobook Apps for Audible

Top 7 Free Audiobook Apps for Audible are all on this list. They range from reasonably good audiobook apps that cost less to free services.

1. Spotify

I suggest Spotify if all you need is a simple audiobook app that lets you listen to many free audiobooks. The app has a large library of audiobooks, even though it is known as the best music streaming service in the world.

A paid audiobook service like Audible is better in range and quality than Spotify. They can meet your needs if you want to enjoy pretty good audiobooks without spending a lot of money.

Spotify’s interface has always been very good. It also gives you a lot of freedom to change things. I think Spotify is easier to use and more flexible than Audible. That’s why you can either listen to your best audiobooks online or download them to get to them later. You can add audiobooks to your playlist and put them in order so that you can listen to them without interruption. To cut a long story short, Spotify is one of the best free options to Audible.


  • A good audiobook collection
  • A more responsive user interface
  • Completely customized


  • In terms of variety, it falls short.
  • iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and the web are all supported.
  • Pric of The basic plan is free of Charge, while the premium plan starts at $9.99 a month.
  • Go to the following website:


2. OverDrive


If you are a student or a certified library member Overdrive works with, you can listen to your favorite audiobooks for free. Overdrive is used by more than 30,000 libraries worldwide to make it easier for their customers to borrow books.

To use this par option and app, just like audible, you must have a current account with a partner library, school, or other organization. They will let you listen to Audiobooks for free once you’ve been accepted.

You also have the chance to share suggestions for audiobooks you’d like to listen to. Along with this audible alternative and app that works just like audible, you can make a wishlist of all your favorite books and quickly send them back.

There will be no late fees because the titles will be returned independently. Like Audible, OverDrive is accessible on various devices like iOS, Android, and Windows. Give Overdrive a try if you’re looking for a free option to Audible to listen to great audiobooks.


  • Over 30,000 libraries have pledged their support.
  • Make a list of all the books you want to read.
  • You can use the app for free.


  • The audiobook collection isn’t particularly large.
  • There is a considerable wait for popular novels.
  • iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Kindle Fire HD, Chromebook, and Chrome Web Store are all available.
  • Free of charge
  • Go to the following website:


3. Google Play Books

When you want the best Audible alternatives, it would be a mistake to keep these Audible choices and apps, just like Audible, out of sight. The app has long had the largest collection of ebooks (over 5 million as of 2013), but the digital giant is now slowly but surely expanding its audiobook library.

If you want to make it more unique, “Google Play Books” is better than Audible. The program keeps track of what you’re most interested in and what kinds of material always catch your eye first, then makes suggestions. This way, you can quickly find the book you want to read or listen to at any time.

You can make notes in the library, which will be linked to Google Drive immediately. This way, you and your audiobook friends can work together easily. Like Audible, Google Play Books has audiobooks in a variety of languages. The best thing about Google Play Books is that it is already set up for your area, allowing you to select from a bigger range of books in your native tongue.

Because Google doesn’t say how many titles are available, I looked for 20 of my favorite audiobooks. It was fine that I could find them on both sites. So, you should not have any problems in this area.

I thought Google Play Books was useful all around, and it’s one of the best alternatives to Audible.


  • Improved user interface (less clutter)
  • There are no subscription fees.
  • There are always substantial discounts on books.


  • Thereare no original titles, such as Audible Originals.
  • Because there is no monthly credit system like Audible, you may have to buy books at full price on occasion.
  • iOS, Android, Chrome, and the Web are all available platforms.
  • There are no subscription fees (You have to buy books individually)
  • Go to the following website:


4. Scribd

With a collection of over a million titles, including ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more, this app for audiobooks and titles similar to Audible has long been one of the best audiobook apps on the market. So, seeing it in this list of things people want is not a surprise. The app, like Audible, has best sellers and famous audiobooks in a huge range of themes, whether you like science fiction or prefer to travel.

These Audible alternatives and best audiobook apps also have nice user interfaces that can be changed to fit your needs. You can, therefore, adjust this audiobook program to your tastes. You can also change the speed of the story to suit your tastes. Also, if you listen to audiobooks at night, place to set a sleep timer. That way, this app will stop playing audiobooks at the time you choose.

You can download audiobooks from Scribd, just like you can from Audible. This way, you can listen to your best books on any internet connection. I prefer the latter because I am someone who enjoys more flexibility. You can take notes and make notes on Scribd in a fun way. To add some fun elements, you can also change the size of the words and select a nice background color.

It costs $8.99 to use Scribd, which is a lot less than Audible. It’s a good choice if you want a cheaper Audible option that doesn’t skimp on quality or quantity.


  • The user interface of this Audible Alternatives & Best Audiobook Apps is rather good.
  • Offers a vast collection of bestselling and popular audiobooks in various categories.
  • Set the narration pace to your liking.
  • Set a timer for sleep.


  • Some titles are restricted.
  • Android, iOS, and the Web are all available platforms.
  • 30-day free trial, then $9.99 per month
  • Go to the following website:




This app has been a strong competitor to Audible for a long time and is worth a look if you only want to listen to high-quality audiobooks. With a library of more than 150,000 things, the app has the quantity and quality to win you over.

The app has many audiobooks for kids and families and a sizable collection of audiobooks in different themes. If Audible’s app doesn’t meet your family’s needs, try it.

Regarding customization, Audio Books is superior to Audible and has a large library. You can change the way the interface looks, set the alarm to go to sleep, and download your best content to read whenever you want.

This Audible Alternatives & Best Audiobook Apps list also includes a sizable collection of podcasts (over 700,000). Finding a better program than Audible that lets you listen to audiobooks and podcasts will be hard. I am sure it is.

Audible and Audiobooks are comparable in terms of price. On the other hand, the very high price makes it less useful and stops most people from getting it.


  • Audiobooks of exceptional quality in a wide range of genres
  • Offers a large selection of children’s and family-friendly audiobooks.
  • There are almost 700,000 podcasts available.


  • Too costly
  • iOS and Android are the available platforms.
  • Monthly cost: $14.95
  • Go to the following website:


6. AudiobooksNow

These Audible Alternatives & Best Audiobook Apps can do a better job than some of its competitors, including Audible, at showing a good price-to-value ratio. Remember to try it out if you want the best of both worlds: a huge selection of audiobooks (over 120,000 titles) at a very low price.

Best-selling fiction and nonfiction titles are available on the app. It lets you change the interface to improve hearing, just like Audible. For instance, you can download audiobooks to listen to offline, set a timer, and select your preferred speed. It also suggests books based on what you like to listen to, so you’ll always have something fun on a long journey or a relaxing road trip.

A few things about Audiobooks’s prices are different from Audible’s. With AudiobooksNow, you can buy a book at a 50% price instead of using Audible credits, which lets you get a free audiobook every month.

You can save more money by buying several books at once. While Audiobooks Now says its pricing system is easier to understand, Audible’s pricing is clearer.

So, This Audible Alternatives & Best Audiobook Apps is a great alternative to Audible that you should check out. And you never know; you might prefer its price structure.


  • There are around 120,000 titles available.
  • Best-selling fiction and non-fiction titles
  • The reasonable price


  • Audiobook might not be suitable for people who want to experiment with various genres.
  • iOS, Android, Nook, Kindle Fire, and Web platforms are all available
  • Pricing: Free trial for 30 days, then $4.99 per month
  • Go to the following website:


7. Apple Books


If you’ve used Apple products for a long time and want a good audiobook program that can compete with Audible in most ways, look no further than Apple Books. The app has many features and is powerful enough to meet your needs for reading books and listening to audiobooks.

Whether it’s a wide variety of puzzles or a growing selection of thrillers, it has you covered like Audible. The app also lets you create your groups based on what you prefer.

To keep track of what’s popular, the app has an area called Top Charts, where you can look through all the top books and audiobooks. Apple’s app seems to be on par with Audible’s as someone who enjoys a high level of customization.

You can arrange your collection in the best way possible with these Audible Alternatives & Best Audio Book Apps. Also, unlike Audible, it keeps track of what you’re reading or listening to and gives you more information. Better reading habits are also sparked by it.

Last but not least, I value the app’s straightforward interface. If you look at it, this is one of the best Audible choices for Apple users.


  • Collections that have been curated
  • Assist you in improving your reading habits.
  • There are numerous options for customization.


  • Only available in the Apple ecosystem
  • As Audible Originals, there is no unique content.
  • iOS and macOS are the available platforms.
  • There is no need for a subscription (Buy your books as you go)
  • Go to the following website:

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