Top 12 Best DNS Servers For Gaming To Try

You may know the need for a gaming DNS server if you are a gamer. DNS servers are critical to improving your online gaming experience. A DNS server is a database that contains domain names and IP addresses. When a user inputs a domain name into a web browser, such as or, the DNS servers look at the IP addresses connected with the domains and then remark on the web server hosting the page.

Top 12 Best DNS Servers For Gaming To Try

The procedure will be accelerated by choosing the best DNS servers for gaming. If you often play online games, choose the best DNS server for gaming to reduce ping and improve gameplay. Let’s look at the best DNS servers for gaming.

1. Google Public DNS

DNS Servers For Gaming

Google DNS is among the best and most popular public DNS servers for gaming available today. This one offers superior browsing speed and customization compared to other public DNS. The public DNS server was deployed in December 2009 and continues serving users. You will have a better gaming experience if you set up Google Public DNS on your network or computer. The public DNS server significantly increases internet speed and minimizes latency (Ping), critical in online gaming. In addition, Google Public DNS offers greater speed than the default DNS supplied by your ISP and protects your computer from various security risks. This is how to configure Google Public DNS on a PC.

2. Norton ConnectSafe

DNS Servers For Gaming

Norton, a prominent security company, provides this DNS server. Well, Norton ConnectSafe is a free DNS solution that protects your devices from hazards that may enter when browsing the web. The DNS server can detect and block dangerous websites, phishing sites, and other online threats. Norton ConnectSafe is not popular in gaming, but it is worth trying since it blocks a few in-game advertisements. Norton ConnectSafe DNS’s principal function is to prevent threats while surfing the web.

3. OpenDNS

DNS Servers For Gaming

OpenDNS may be the best option for you if you’re looking for a public DNS server that can provide web content filtering and other security features. Also, OpenDNS is one of the oldest public DNS servers for gaming, established in 2005. However, Cisco purchased it in 2015. While OpenDNS is never suggested for improving the gaming experience, it remains one of the most popular DNS servers for gaming. The amazing thing about OpenDNS is that it has over 30 fast DNS servers spread across many countries. To use OpenDNS, you must configure these addresses.

4. Quad9

DNS Servers For Gaming

Typically, the Quad9 DNS server is recommended for improving network security. It has a sophisticated built-in filter that monitors your network and blocks unwanted activity. Another advantage of Quad9 is that it supports the DNSCrypt Protocol, which encrypts the link between the client device & the DNS server to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks. While Quad9 is not well-known for its gaming features, it is still superior to your ISP’s standard DNS server. The server may improve internet speed and reduce PING rates in online gaming. To set up Quad9 on your PC, enter these server addresses.

5. Cloudflare DNS

DNS Servers For Gaming

Cloudflare DNS is one of the best and fastest public DNS servers for gaming. The DNS server focuses on improving customer privacy and may increase internet speed by up to 28%. Cloudflare just released a free DNS service; before, it was recognized as one of the largest content delivery networks (CDM). Cloudflare’s free DNS server,, is widely regarded as the quickest DNS server on the internet in terms of latency (ping). It is often regarded as the best gaming reduce DNS server because of its excellent features and low latency. You must first configure the DNS server addresses to place Cloudflare DNS on your home network or computer.

6. OpenNIC DNS

DNS Servers For Gaming

OpenNIC DNS is the best gaming DNS server, claiming quicker internet speeds. This is a fantastic DNS server if you often play browser-based games. OpenNIC DNS speeds up internet browsing and allows you to play online games more smoothly. The DNS server may also help you improve your PC gaming experience by lowering lag and latency. Other features of OpenNIC DNS include uncensored material, simple setup, and protection against ISP DNS hijacking. Overall, the OpenNIC DNS is an excellent public DNS server for gaming. Configure the following DNS server addresses to use this server.

7. AdGuard DNS

AdGuard DNS varies somewhat from the other DNS servers for gaming mentioned in the article. It’s a DNS server specifically built to disable website advertisements. AdGuard DNS is well-known for reducing advertisements and preventing pornographic material online. Because it blocks advertisements, it will speed up your internet. So, if you’re tired of seeing adverts while playing games, you should set up AdGuard DNS. It will eliminate all spammy adverts and improve your gaming experience. AdGuard DNS requires users to configure their network settings to use the IP addresses &

8. Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS, or DYN, is an underestimated DNS server on the list, yet it’s ideal for gaming and ensures a fast connection speed. The ultimate purpose of DYN, or Dynamic DNS, is to provide you with an extremely quick and secure web browsing experience. You will notice a difference while playing online games because it is intended to provide faster internet speeds. It also gives some security against phishing attempts. Overall, Dynamic DNS is a fantastic public DNS server for gaming.

9. SafeDNS

SafeDNS is the only DNS server that offers free and premium services. While free and premium editions provide a better web browsing experience, the premium version includes certain additional features. SafeDNS’ premium DNS server helps protect your PC from various hacking threats. It also has privacy-protecting features. Even though SafeDNS is yet to be renowned for its gaming function, it does improve internet speed and latency (PING).

10. is an excellent solution for individuals looking for a well-tuned DNS server for speed. It is a public DNS server for gaming that has been designed for optimal speed. While you set up this DNS server, you will not experience any delays while browsing the web. Aside from that, the DNS server is notable for providing various security features. can manage websites that attempt to execute harmful scripts, stop phishing attempts, protect against malware, and much more. With improved frame rates and lower latency, it’s ideal for a lag-free gaming experience.

11. Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS is a DNS server that provides the most elevated level of security and privacy protection available. It is among the best cloud-based servers, with remarkable security features. Once enabled, Comodo Secure DNS effectively prevents phishing assaults and dangerous websites from loading the scrips. The good news about Comodo Secure DNS is that its Anycast DNS infrastructure is hosted in over 25 countries. It’s one of the best gaming DNS servers for improving internet speed. While gamers do not advocate it, it is still superior to the default DNS server supplied by your ISP.

12. Level 3

Level 3 is an excellent free third-party DNS service provider that may help you improve your gaming experience. While the DNS resolver is less popular than the other solutions on the list, it is still an excellent choice. The Level 3 DNS delivers outstanding speed, ensuring a lag-free gaming experience. Also, it’s important to remember that Level 3 is a company that supplies several ISPs connected to the Internet backbone. So the company is massive, and their Gaming DNS servers are top-notch. So, Level 3 is another excellent DNS server for gaming that you should consider.

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So, here are some of the best DNS servers for gaming. Switching to these Gaming DNS servers will result in a lag-free gaming experience. Please let us know in the comments section if you need additional assistance selecting the best DNS servers for gaming.

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