The 7 Best Self-Care Apps of 2024

We do almost everything on our phones these days. So why should taking care of yourself be any different? There are many self-care apps for both iOS and Android devices that can help you in making daily habits that are good for your health. Because there are so many apps, it can take time to choose the best ones. Here are some of the best apps to assist you in being more aware, meditating, journaling, or engaging in other quiet self-care activities.

1. Headspace App


At some point in their lives, everyone has to deal with stress and hard problems, which can be very hard on the body and mind. Headspace, one of the best health and fitness apps, can answer this question. It’s a meditation and sleep app that will assist you in managing stress, getting a good night’s rest, and being happy. It has guided meditations on many different topics; you can even get short ones to use while you’re on the go! It also has a “Wake Up” mode to help you get your time off to a good start and a “Move” mode to assist you in working out both your mind and body simultaneously. This app is for you if you want to practice mindful exercising, short meditation lessons, and mindfulness tasks for teens.

2. Eudaimonia Recovery Homes App

This app was made for people who are in recovery and live in sober living homes. The CEO of Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, Mat Gorman, says that people who are re-establishing their lives without harmful drugs need extra help to get through the life-changing process of getting clean. This Self-Care app gives you online access to 12-step support tools and can assist you in finding treatment centers or rehab support groups in your area. Also, it gives information about clean living properties, like rules for residents or requests for repairs. You’ll also use the app to meet program standards and earn points that can be exchanged for benefits like the ability to stay up later or spend the night with family.

3. Happify App

Self-Care Apps


Are you ready to be happy? The Happify app might be helpful for your lifestyle if you have trouble dealing with worry or stress. The Self-Care app uses methods created by scientists and experts and offers treatments that have been shown to work in cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices, and positive psychology. These treatments, which include short quizzes, games, and activities, will assist you in overcoming a bad attitude, stress, and other challenges in your life. With the app, these small things will assist you in living a better life, being happy, and reaching your goals as you boost your confidence and view on life.

4. Calm App

Calm’s guided exercises, relaxing music, and bedtime stories—read by users like Stephen Fry, Joanna Lumley, and Matthew McConaughey—promise to assist its users in sleeping better, boosting confidence, and reducing stress and anxiety.

5. Aloe Bud App

Self-Care Apps


Aloe Bud might be a free app that helps you make self-care habits that work for you. You can add activity cards to your screen after downloading it. These cards can help you remember to drink water, take breaks at work, or think of one thing you’re thankful for. You’ll also make and set up gentle notes that will assist you in developing a daily self-care practice. The best part? You can ascertain your daily “wins” by keeping a mobile journal or by going through your activity log. All the good features will be available to you without buying any extras, though extra features are also offered.

6. Day One Journal App

Self-Care Apps


While writing in a journal is a great way to care for yourself, the traditional way (with pen and paper) only sometimes works well for everyone. Day One is one of the best-reviewed digital notebook apps if you’d like to maintain your writing online. It has a simple, clean look that makes it easy to write without being interrupted. You can tailor each journal entry by adding photos, videos, drawings, or even audio recordings. You can also easily read earlier entries to ascertain how you’ve changed and grown. Furthermore, everything you write is kept safe, and you can export your data anytime.

7. Grateful App


It can work wonders to take a moment to think about all the things you have to be grateful for if you’re feeling down. Harvard School of Medicine’s study showed a link between showing thanks and better health and feelings, which boosted the idea for Grateful. There will be times when the smallest things can have the biggest effects on your day. Writing in a book every day will help you remember the good times.

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