Top 14 Best Free Drawing Apps For Android Devices

Let’s face it: drawing or graphic design is much easier on a computer than on a smartphone. There is plenty of Windows software accessible online that will allow you to access all of the drawing tools effortlessly. However, things get harder on Android. There are drawing apps for Android. However, most of them are expensive and need certain features. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best drawing apps for Android that are currently available on the Google Play Store.

Top 14 Best Free Drawing Apps For Android Devices

These apps allow you to produce one-of-a-kind artwork or drawings. These apps may help you improve your drawing talents. It all depends on how you use the apps. Let’s look at some of the best free drawing apps for Android.

1. Easy Drawing

Drawing Apps For Android

Easy Drawing is a free Android drawing book that children will enjoy using. The drawing app for Android walks you through the process of making attractive cartoon drawings like unicorns and love-themed illustrations. The app is appropriate for beginners or anybody who wants to learn to draw. It includes simple animations that teach you to draw cartoon characters, animals, plants, comics, anime, and other things.

2. Drawing Apps

Drawing Apps For Android

Drawing Apps is a free drawing and canvas painting app for Android that focuses on realistic drawings. The app includes five digital art drawing pads to get you started: Sketch pad, Kids pad, Coloring pad, Photo pad, and Doodle pad. Each pad offers a unique set of tools and features. For example, the Sketch pad supports a multiplayer layer and includes sketch tools such as pencils, crayons, watercolor, pens, brushes, etc. Similarly, the Coloring Pad provides a color pallet for drawing art, while the Photo Pad enables you to draw on any photo using brushes, and so on.

3. FlipaClip

Drawing Apps For Android

FlipaClip is the best option if you’re searching for a 2D animation app for your Android smartphone. Millions of users worldwide currently use the app, which may help you unleash your creativity via your animation style. The app offers simple controls that provide the best drawing and animation experience. This is an excellent 2D drawing and animation app for Android devices.

4. MediBang Paint

Drawing Apps For Android

MediBang Paint is the free and lightweight digital painting and comic creation app for your Android device that you’ve been searching for. Guess what? MediBang Paint includes a variety of brushes, typefaces, pre-made backdrops, and other drawing tools. Despite being a lightweight app, MediBang Paint is a little difficult.

5. ibis Paint X

Drawing Apps For Android

In terms of features, no other drawing app compares to ibis Paint X. It’s one of the most flexible drawing apps ever created for Android phones. The amazing thing about ibis Paint X is that it includes every material and tool you need to complete your drawing tasks. With over 2500 drawing materials, 800 typefaces, 381 brushes, 71 filters, and 46 screen tones, ibis Paint X is the best free app in the Art & Design category.

6. ArtFlow

Drawing Apps For Android

This app promises to turn your smartphone into a digital sketchpad. To some degree, that is true. The app includes over 80 paintbrushes, a smudge tool, and a sophisticated eraser tool to accomplish this. The app is simple to use and does not include extra features. It is compatible with PNG, JPG, and PSD files and allows for their import and export.

7. PaperColor

Drawing Apps For Android

PaperColor is an innovative drawing app for Android that you can use right now. The amazing thing about PaperColor is that it provides users with various photo editing features, such as layer-based editing and amusing effects. Guess what? Users may import a photo and set it to translucent mode using PaperColor. With this, you can trace the original snapshot.

8. Adobe Illustrator Draw

It is an excellent drawing app accessible on the Google Play Store. The amazing thing about Adobe Illustrator Draw is that it provides users with various editing features like layer-based adjustments, five different pent tips, and more. Adobe Illustrator Draw includes many difficult things; thus, it is not for beginners. If you’re into picture manipulation, Adobe Illustrator Draw is the best option.

9. Sketchbook

If you’re seeking an Android drawing app with a set of brushes and useful features, Sketchbook could be the right choice for you. The amazing part about Sketchbook is that it lets users create up to three layers, six blending settings, and 250% zoom. These things are essential for creating a flawless sketch.

10. Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is among the best drawing apps for Android. The app provides extensive and powerful features and is already used by millions worldwide. The app includes top-tier pencils, advanced drawing tools, brushes, and other features. The app’s main selling point is its brushes, which have hundreds of adjustable options.

11. Artecture Draw, Sketch, Paint

Try Artecture Draw, Sketch, Paint if you’re searching for an Android app that will let you sketch, draw, and paint like never before. Guess what? Architecture Draw, Sketch, and Paint provide one-of-a-kind, high-quality, realistic tools for enhancing your photographs. Aside from that, Architecture Draw, Sketch, and Paint allow you to accomplish anything from taking notes to creating quick architectural drawings, cartoons, illustrations, watercolors, and more.

12. Picsart Color

Picsart Color is a full-fledged drawing suite for Android that includes several strong tools and features. The app has a layer-based editor, similar to Adobe Photoshop. You also receive a color mixer for creating color combinations and symmetric drawing features. Brushes are important to draw, and Picsart Color supplies hundreds. Overall, PicsArt Color is an excellent drawing app for Android.

13. HiPaint

If you want an easy-to-use drawing app for Android with a straightforward UI and simple drawing controls, go no further than HiPaint. This professional digital painting app gives access to all types of paint tools you’ll need to produce stunning paintings, drawings, and illustrations. The app now includes 90+ distinct types of brushes, 90 adjustable brush settings, layer features, dramatic finishing effects, and more.


PENUP is an excellent app for drawing, coloring, and live drawing. The drawing tools in PENUP enable you to draw effortlessly and comfortably, color your black-and-white drawings, produce drawing movies, and so on. This is a creative SNS based on pen-generated images. Overall, PENUP is a drawing app for Android that you should take advantage of.

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So, these are the best free drawing apps for Android. This post was helpful! Please share it with your friends. If you know of any more comparable drawing apps for Android, let us know in the comments section below.

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