Top 14 Best Pedometer Apps For Android Users

Getting in shape is the best thing you can do for your health. We all want to keep in shape and follow good fitness routines to prevent health issues such as cholesterol, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, exhaustion, etc. Taking care of your body helps you have a healthy mind and a better quality of life. Today, we presented various health-related items, such as the best health apps, meditation apps, fitness apps, and more. Today, we’ll share a list of the best Pedometer apps for Android. Pedometer apps for Android make it simple to track your daily steps.

Top 14 Best Pedometer Apps For Android Users

Still, before we share the list of the best pedometer apps for Android, it’s important to note that pedometer readings are not always 100% accurate; still, these apps may be used to track your daily activity. So, let’s look at the list of the best pedometer apps for Android.

1. Runkeeper

Pedometer Apps Android

Runkeeper is a highly-rated pedometer app available on the Google Play Store. This app permits you to track your runs and walks. It has the features you need to achieve your fitness objectives. Aside from the features, Runkeeper offers community challenges, workout awards, and other stuff. Overall, Runkeeper is a wonderful pedometer app for Android devices.

2. WalkFit

Pedometer Apps Android

Well, if you want an Android app to help you lose weight while walking, consider WalkFit. WalkFit is a simple step counter app for Android that tracks your steps while you walk inside or outdoors. The app also gives daily walking routines or indoor exercises to help you burn calories and achieve weight reduction objectives. WalkFit includes specific walking challenges that encourage you to push yourself and gain weight reduction motivation.

3. GStep

Pedometer Apps Android

If you are searching for an Android app to track your daily walking, running, cycling, and water consumption data, go no further than GStep. GStep is a great step counting app that helps you achieve fitness objectives. The app has a comprehensive activity tracker that helps you keep track of your walking and running. It also has a capability for tracking your bike activities. Other app features include daily water reminders, the ability to save training history, data sync, and more.

4. Step Counter Pedometer

Pedometer Apps Android

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use pedometer app for your Android with a great user experience, you should try Step Counter Pedometer. Guess what? The Step Counter Pedometer uses your phone’s GPS to track your steps. The app is well-optimized to use less battery and encourages users to walk. The Step Counter Pedometer also shows a full breakdown of daily steps, total steps, calories burned, etc.

5. Google Fit

Pedometer Apps Android

Google Fit is one of the best and most popular fitness tracker apps for Android smartphones. The app helps you become healthier and more active. Google Fit allows you to establish and track exercise goals regularly. Google Fit uses your phone’s GPS to track your movements. It also shows additional information, such as your heart rate and the number of calories you’ve burned.

6. Zombies, Run!

Pedometer Apps Android

It’s a fun pedometer app that may help you burn more calories. Zombies, Run! is an ideal running game and audio adventure that pushes players to run. There’s a zombie epidemic, and you’re running for your life. However, if you slow down while running, you will hear zombies’ heavy breathing and screaming.

7. Pedometer

Pedometer Apps Android

The Pedometer is among the best walking apps for all ages. The best part about the app is that most features are free. With a Pedometer, you can establish a regular walking routine and track your steps and calories burned. The fact that the app shows your walking information in a handy graph makes it more useful. It also considers your gender, height, and current body weight to calculate how many calories you’ve burned and how much you should burn.

8. Walk Tracker

Walk Tracker varies somewhat from the other pedometer apps for Android discussed in this post. Instead of GPS, it employs a built-in sensor to track your steps. The app consumes less battery power since it does not include GPS tracking. The app tracks your steps, calories burned, walking distance, and time. It includes drink reminders, daily objectives, performance reports, and more.

9. Pacer

Pacer is one of the most helpful health and fitness apps for Android smartphones. It’s a very accurate activity tracker and step counting app. Pacer uses your phone’s GPS to track your steps. It also shows you other pertinent information, such as calories burned, distance traveled, active calories, etc. The app’s premium edition has additional features, but the free version is sufficient for your regular exercise routine.

10. Kilometers: GPS Track Walk Run

Kilometers: GPS Track Walk Run is the best pedometer app for Android, using your smartphone’s GPS to track your runs and walks. This app may create walking/running objectives and track your path. The app automatically keeps track of your walk diary and delivers relevant and helpful information such as time spent walking, speed, pace, calories burned, and so on.

11. Accupedo Pedometer

Well, Accupedo Pedometer is the best health and fitness app for tracking your daily steps. Aside from tracking your daily steps, the app can track calories burned, distance traveled, and other metrics. It automatically collects health information, such as steps, distance traveled, calories burned, walking time, and so on, to provide more thorough reports at the end of each week, month, and year.

12. Joggo

Joggo is a great Android health app with a tailored running program, a customized nutrition plan, and a handy run tracker. While the app is meant to track your running habits, it also counts steps accurately. In addition, the app provides GPS and distance tracking, speed monitoring, and activity history to help you track your health objectives.

13. Zepp

If you own an Amazfit smartwatch, you should skip all other Pedometer apps for Android and install this one. Zepp is Amazfit’s official app that collects and shows data from the Amazfit smartwatch. The app comprehensively analyzes your fitness statistics, including your daily steps, calories burned, heart rate when walking, and more. The app also gives information on sleep quality, sleep apnea outcomes, heart health, etc.

14. StepsApp

StepsApp is one of Google Play’s best and lightest step-counting or pedometer apps for Android. This app transforms your Android phone into a step counter. It has features like automated step counting and home screen widgets for tracking steps, calories burned, and more. StepsApp may also interface with other health apps like Google Fit to provide additional information. Overall, StepsApp is among the best free pedometer apps for Android that you should not overlook.

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These are the best Pedometer and step counting apps for Android devices. If you know of any additional pedometer apps for Android, let us know in the comments section below. This post was helpful! Please share it with your friends as well.

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