ChatGPT Mac Apps: 6 New Ways to Get Things Done

ChatGPT Mac Apps: 6 New Ways to Get Things Done.

You may have wished ChatGPT, the well-known AI robot, was a little easier to use on your Mac. Thanks to some forward-thinking experts, that wish has now come true. The ChatGPT experience on your PC is better with these Mac programs. Let’s check out some of the better ones out there.

1. MacGPT Cost: €9+

Summary: MacGPT is a useful little tool that makes ChatGPT easy to access if you like things to be simple. It speeds up the whole process and makes exchanges quick and easy.

Hot: Do you like giving orders with your voice? MacGPT lets you type with your voice. Additionally, the setup is simple.

Cons: It’s just a better way to access the original ChatGPT; improvements are needed.

2. WriteMage costs $12 per month.

WriteMage can help you in ways you didn’t even know you needed. It makes your questions more effective, gives you useful prompt settings, and even keeps your chat history.

It’s simple to use, fantastic for coders and works well with MacOS.
Cons: The honeymoon period may end once the testing period is over and the price tag is added.

3. Typing Mind costs $39 USD.

In short, The ChatGPT app’s Typing Mind is like a Swiss Army knife. It’s all about customization so that you can try different model settings, chat experiences, and the user interface (UI).

New Things: You can switch between accurate and artistic modes, have conversations simultaneously, or use online search. The library of prompts is a nice touch, and tools like text-to-speech and AI characters make the experience even better. You will need an OpenAI API key to access the Mac program during the free trial.


4. IntelliBar

It’s like having a ChatGPT highlight on your Mac. IntelliBar ChatGPT Mac Apps: A New Way to Get Things Done and Have Fun includes many tools, such as file uploads and auto-complete questions.

What’s Cool: The uploading of files feature is fantastic. The ability to train local models in future versions may be possible!

Bad things: You’ll have to pay after the test period.


5. QuickGPT

QuickGPT is a quick way to get to ChatGPT and lets you share conversations.

What’s Cool: It gets easier to have long conversations.

Cons: Expect a few simple features.


6. SwiftGPT

SwiftGPT is a simple, straightforward option. It may not be the most innovative thing ever, but it works well and is stable.

What’s Cool: The cost tracking tool helps you keep track of your spending and is simple to use.

Cons: This app may not be the right choice if you want more functions.


Do You Really Need a ChatGPT Mac App?

Even though the base ChatGPT experience is solid, these apps improve usability and usefulness. Typing Mind and IntelliBar are very impressive in their work, while MacGPT and WriteMage are the most user-friendly.

Ultimately, what you value more—many features or ease of use—will decide which software you choose. This is for sure: the ChatGPT experience on Mac has improved greatly.

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