In Dying Light 2, Are Cross-gen And Crossplay Supported?

Hunting zombies has become more than a pastime for some of the most dedicated gamers, thanks to games like Call of Duty, World War Z, and Days Gone. Getting rid of these murderous parasites has become an art form for many, and Dying Light 2 brings the experience to a whole new level. However, completing it alone is not as gratifying or exhilarating as doing it with friends, which is why many people are wondering if Dying Light 2 includes any crossplay or cross-gen elements.

We’re sure many of you have heard that Dying Light allows co-op gaming with up to four players, so we understand the misunderstanding. If you’re not a PC gamer, you might not like the answer we’re about to give you, so let’s get right into it and settle this once and for all.

Is It Possible To Crossplay Or Cross-gen Play Dying Light 2?

The harsh reality is that if you did not purchase this game on PC, you will not be able to access the aforementioned features on consoles. As a result, there is no crossplay for Dying Light 2, which means that if you own a PlayStation, you will be unable to play with players who own an Xbox or a PC.

As unfortunate as that may look, the mechanics of making anything like that happen do not appear to have been a priority for Techland. And, while we’re on the subject, Dying Light 2 does not enable cross-gen gameplay at all.

To be clear, if you have a PlayStation 4, you will not be able to play with your friends who have a PlayStation 5. That means you won’t be able to play with your friends who have Xbox Series S or Series X if you play on Xbox One, and vice versa.

PC users will be pleased to learn that Dying Light 2 supports co-op for both retailers, regardless of whether they purchased the game through Steam or the Epic Games Store. Although Dying Light 2 does not now support crossplay, it will undoubtedly do so in the near future.

Developers are also allegedly working on cross-generation functionality, so patience is the essential word in this case. That being said, we hope you enjoy Dying Light 2 Stay Human on whatever platform you decide to purchase it on.

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