8+ Safety Tips To Spot Geek Squad Scam

We’ve all received a scam email, but many of us may not have fallen for it. Sadly, phishing emails are one of the many drawbacks of the Internet’s widespread reach. Geek Squad scam emails are the most recent addition to the list, with customers losing thousands of dollars due to them. Geek Squad, a Best Buy subsidiary, provides computer and other appliance services for a fee. This covers both online and in-person support. Additionally, it provides a $199 annual membership plan, and this aspect is utilized to scam consumers. If you received an email from Geek Squad and are wondering if it is a scam, read the sections below.

What Exactly Is The Geek Squad Scam?

Well, the Geek Squad scam email is similar to previous similar scams. You receive an email from an account indicating that your annual membership has ended and that a particular amount has been debited from your account for it to auto-renew. A customer support number is provided to cancel the charge. When users dial the number, they must provide sensitive information such as banking and credit card information.

In other situations, users may be directed to a link where they may download malware that will be used to hack into their computer and steal sensitive information. While the Geek Squad scam has been around for a while, there has been an increase in similar emails in the last few months. One user recently reported losing over $100,000 when a fraudster acquired remote access to their computer. To be safe, never contact the numbers listed in the email, click on any links, or supply any personal information. Also, if you receive an email from Geek Squad, here’s how to determine whether it’s a scam.

How Can I Spot A Geek Squad Scam Email?

Check For Grammatical And Spelling Errors

Grammatical or spelling issues are generally the first indicators that an email is part of a sophisticated scam. Unfortunately, such emails typically contain numerous of these, and if you have a great eye for detail, Geek Squad scam emails would be easy to spot. For example, words may be misspelled; there would be no space after commas or full stops, or phrases would be capitalized incorrectly. Though some of the scam emails are beautifully written, you must look at the other factors stated below to spot them.

Examine How The Email Is Drafted

Another aspect to check is how an email is drafted. A large firm, for example, will often have a specific team responsible for drafting emails to clients. These are subjected to many rounds of clearance before being distributed. So, if the one from Geek Squad lacks nice graphics, has elements misplaced, or the general layout appears to be a bit wrong, it might be a scam email. To spot a scam email, compare it to emails from other official sources.

Check The Sender’s Email Address

Geek Squad scam emails are typically sent from addresses registered on services such as Gmail or Yahoo, and this is an easy method to spot one. Large corporations, such as Best Buy, usually have written domain names, which are appended to the end of the email address. Many users have also reported receiving Geek Squad scam emails using Intuit-registered email addresses. The standard email address for this is [email protected]. If you receive an email from this address, it is almost certainly a scam.

Scam emails frequently include distorted, clipped, or ambiguous graphics and logos. These things are typically obtained from illegitimate sources, resulting in inferior quality. It’s also possible that the email will include an out-of-date Geek Squad logo.

Identify Suspicious Links

If a questionable email contains links, NEVER click on them! It may direct you to websites that request personal information or even download malware onto your computer. Once the malware is installed on the user’s computer, hackers can steal sensitive data or even take control of the device remotely. Unfortunately, many people were taken advantage of and lost thousands of dollars. Instead, hover your cursor over the link to preview it to see where it leads you. You might copy the link and put it into a word processor to analyze and identify its legitimacy.

Examine How The Email Addresses You’ve

Companies from whom you have purchased items or services save your information and frequently use it to address you when transmitting an email to make contact appear more personal. For example, an email from PayPal includes the user’s name to address them. Because fraudsters lack this information, they will generally address users and utilize terms such as Dear Customer. In other circumstances, things will be casual. These few characteristics can help you spot a Geek Squad scam email.

Check To See Whether The Email Tries To Create An Urgency

Scam emails operate, instilling the user a sense of urgency and panic. Because once they have managed to panic the user, they cannot think properly and end up victims of the scam. Check the email for a deadline for contacting customer service to waive the charge or get a refund. Scammers sometimes utilize a 24-48 hour time frame to make things appear urgent. So, if you receive an email from Geek Squad that operates along these lines, it’s certainly a scam.

You Must Submit Personal Information While Using Email

Though they never explicitly ask, some Geek Squad scam emails contain links to places where you may be required to submit personal information. NEVER, EVER do it! Best Buy has stated under its privacy policy that it does not need or submit personal information from users. As a result, any email requesting it is a scam.

The Information In The Email Does Not Add Up

Several users received the Geek Squad scam email on addresses they never used to register on the platform. This assisted them in determining that the email was a part of the scam. So keep an eye out for such minor nuances. One user reported that the email specified a Debit Card, even though she normally used a Credit Card for similar payments. It is a scam if you have never utilized the Geek Squad service or paid a monthly fee before and continue receiving similar emails.

Look For Similar Scams On The Web

If you are still doubtful whether the email is genuine, conduct a web search. Users who have previously received these emails may have shared a screenshot of it, and if the template matches the one you received, everything will become evident. If you’re still unsure whether the email is a scam, your final option is to contact Geek Squad over secure channels. However, first, visit the official website and check the numerous ways to contact Geek Squad.

How Can I Notify Geek Squad Or Best Buy About Phishing Emails?

Users may report scams to Geek Squad via a dedicated hotline. When they receive a complaint, they conduct a comprehensive investigation to analyze the email, the sender, the associated attachments, and the contact information. So if you’ve received a Geek Squad scam email, don’t hesitate to get in touch with 1-888-237-8289 right once to report it. Well, Reporting a scam is one of the first steps in preventing others from becoming victims, so do your part.

What Should I Do If I Receive A Scam Email?

There’s nothing to worry about if you’ve just received an email and haven’t provided any critical information or clicked on any questionable links! If you have clicked on a link, use an excellent antivirus to scan your computer for malware. Then, format the computer and reset it to factory settings. Also, if you have provided your financial information, contact your bank right away. That’s all there’s to Geek Squad scam email, how it works, and how to identify one. You will now be significantly more knowledgeable about the issue and will be able to spot a Geek Squad renewal scam email. If you’ve any further questions or would want us to explore more similar issues, please leave a comment below.

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