It’s always a good idea to use an iPhone podcast app to listen to a good talk about a certain topic. But since there are so many choices, we’ve made a list of the best podcast apps for iPhone.

Podcasts have become a great way to find out about new things. Some of us like to listen to podcasts to stay up-to-date. Still, it’s a great way to kill time.

But the number of people who make podcasts, listen to them, and use them for business is growing quickly. Podcasts have been heard by more than 78 percent of people in the US. More than 464 million people listen to podcasts today around the world.

Best Podcast Apps for iPhone in 2023

Here are the best iPhone podcast apps that will help you make better use of your time. So let’s get started right away, no questions asked.

1. Apple Podcast

There are a lot of good things about Apple Podcasts. Apple Podcasts can be helpful for people who only use Apple devices and are stuck in the Apple ecosystem. It has a long list of podcasts as well.

The app could be used by more than 28 million people. But podcasts can be put into groups. The paid version of the podcast app, in addition, lets you save podcasts to listen to when you’re not online.

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2. Spotify

Spotify is a flexible app that lets people all over the world listen to music and podcasts. It has an area just for podcasts. The best thing about the Spotify podcast is that it tells you about podcasts that are popular in your area.

Not only that, but Spotify is always praised for being a great app with a great user interface and experience. More than 32 million people listen to podcasts on Spotify. But you will get a lot of podcasts that will make it worth your time.

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3. Audible



Audible is different from other apps because it has a lot of different types of podcasts and audiobooks. If you haven’t tried Audible yet, it’s likely that other podcast apps haven’t met your needs.

But Amazon, which is a big tech company, owns Audible. The app is also a great place for people who like to read. It also lets you download the music so you can listen to it later.

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4. Overcast

 iPhone Podcast Apps

Without a question, Overcast is one of the best podcast apps for the iPad and iPhone. Tech writers like us really like how well the app works with podcasts. The app has also been chosen by reviewers and won awards, so you can trust it.

Overcast has made it a simple idea with a style that is easy to use. The app stands out because it is unique. For everything else, you will have all the features you need, like the ability to set a sleep time, an amazing speed, and a voice boost.

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5. Castro


Castro is an iPhone podcast app made by Tiny Podcast Company. The app lets you listen to podcasts on your iPhone while driving. Another great feature of the app is called “chapter support.”

But the podcast queue’s drag-and-drop feature can save time. You can skip the beginning, which is a useful feature. The app also lets you add music files from the side, which is a nice extra.

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6. CastBox

 iPhone Podcast Apps

CastBox has over 95 million audio files, which is a good reason for it to be on the list. Even so, podcasts, audiobooks, FM radio, white noise, fan noise, and guided meditation are all different.

CastBox has a good search tool that helps you find a podcast. There are also a lot of other tools in the app. The most important thing is that iOS users have a great

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7. Stitcher


Podcast Player also made a great podcast app called Stitcher. Most people know Stitcher as an app for listening to podcasts. However, in addition to the podcast, the app also features shows from NPR, Wondery, WNYC, the New York Times, Exactly Right, and others.

So, you’ll get all the features you need to organize your podcasts. The app makes it easy to look for, filter, and organize podcasts. You also have a feature that lets smart speakers join.

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8. Google Podcast

 iPhone Podcast Apps

Google Play MusicIf you want to listen to a free podcast on your iPhone, what could be better than Google Podcast? Well, Android fans back in the day were into it. But since the iOS app came out, Google Podcast has also had a big impact on iOS users.

With the app, you can listen to podcasts about comedy, news, history, business, TV and movies, education, health and fitness, technology, the arts, sports, and more. You can also listen to podcasts made by the people you like. So, it comes with all the tools you need to make it your own.

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9 . Deezer

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Deezer is an app that millions of people use to listen to music and podcasts online. People who want to quickly find podcasts and music use it. This app is like Spotify in a lot of ways. You don’t have to pay anything to use the app, but you might see some ads.

You can listen to podcasts from other people and popular shows from TED, BBC, Netflix, CNN, and more on Deezer. You can also download content to use when you’re not online if you pay for the app.

10. PodbeanPodbean

You only need to find the Podbean app to make a podcast. It helps us make, edit, record, draft, and post podcasts. You can even listen to podcasts from the site’s big collection.

However, it offers the best podcast listen experience and the most customization options. The “download” feature is another option. Podbean is a good podcast app that you might want to use.

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Final Words

That’s the end of it. So, if you want to try a podcast for the first time or if you already listen to them often, these are the best podcast apps for the iPhone. So, which do you like best? Please tell us in the comments what you think.