Ways to Fix Windows 11 Login Screen Not Showing

The Windows login screen prevents people from entering your PC, which shouldn’t. But you can’t sign in to your PC when the login screen doesn’t show up.

This article will help you if you’re looking for troubleshooting steps to fix Windows 11‘s login screen not showing up. To fix this issue, let’s talk about all the troubleshooting steps.

Fix Login Screen Not Showing on Windows 11

Can’t see the login screen on your computer? Here are all of the ways you can resolve this issue:

1. Use Keyboard Shortcut

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your computer if you don’t see the login screen. When you do this, you will see the login screen. Move on to the next step in this article if you still have this issue.

2. Boot into Safe Mode

Before you can move on to the next step in this article, you must boot your PC into safe mode. Follow the below steps to do so:

  1. To turn off your PC, press the power button for a long time.
  2. Now press the power button again to turn it back on. Long-press the power button again when you see the logo (or your PC starts).
  3. Repeat the steps above until you see the “Automatic Repair Screen.”
  4. Select “Advanced Options” in this window.
  5. Click on Troubleshoot, then on Advanced Options. Optionen avancéesAdvanced Options
  6. Now, click on the option that says “Startup Settings.”Startup Settings
  7. Now, click the button that says “Restart.”Restart
  8. Press four or F4 to boot your PC into safe mode after it returns.

You can continue the other troubleshooting steps in this article once you’ve entered safe mode.

3. Turn Off Fast Startup

Even though a fast startup will make your PC boot up more quickly, it could result in problems like the login screen not showing up. You can fix the issue if you turn off the fast startup.

  1. To open the Control Panel, press the Windows + R keys together, then type Control and Enter. Login Screen Not Showing
  2. Type “Power Options” into the search bar, then click the first optionLogin Screen Not Showing
  3. Click the Change what the power buttons do button in the left pane. Change what the power buttons do
  4. Next, click Change settings that are temporarily unavailable, then click Yes when prompted by UACChange settings that are currently unavailable
  5. Click Save Changes after unchecking the checkbox that says “Turn on fast startup.”Turn on fast startup, which is a good idea.Turn on fast startup (recommended)

4. Update Windows

This issue is probably driven by a bug in the rendition of Windows you are using right now. You won’t experience these problems anymore if you update your Windows, which will resolve these bugs.

  1. By pressing Windows + I, you can get to Settings.
  2. Connect Windows Update on the left side, then click Check for updates on the left. For updates, check
  3. Install all the available updates, and then restart your computer.

5. Turn Off the Automatic Login

You can turn off Windows 11’s default login, letting you skip the login screen. To do this, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Run box, put netplwiz into it, and click OK.netplwiz.
  2. Uncheck the option in the Accounts tab. To use this machine, users must enter a username and a password. To use this machine, users must enter a username and password.Users must enter a username and password to use this computer
  3. Click Apply, then click OK.

6. Disable Secure Sign In

With secure sign-in, the login screen will only show up if you press certain keys simultaneously. For example, if this feature is turned on, you must press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously to bring up the login screen on your PC. You can turn off the feature if the login screen is not on Windows 11.

  1.  Press the Windows + R keys simultaneously, type netplwiz, and hit Enter. Login Screen Not Showing
  2.  Check the “Require users to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete” checkbox on the Advanced tab. Users must press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.Require users to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  3.  When you’re done, click Apply and OK to save the changes.

7. Use Startup Repair

Many users have said that running the startup repair tool helped them fix the issue. You can try running the startup repair to see if it fixes the issue.

  1.  Open your computer’s settings.
  2.  Select the Recovery option from the System menusystem recovery
  3.  Click the button next to “Advanced Startup” that says “Restart now.”Advanced Startup
  4.  Select Troubleshoot under Advanced Startup.
  5.  Select Startup Fix from the Advanced Options menu.

8. Restore the System

The only other option is to make a system restore if nothing else works. If you start having this issue after installing an update, driver, software, or any other type of Change to your system, this option can help. Your system will go back to how it was before. Follow the below steps to do so:

  1.  Type “Create a Restore Point” into the Windows key, then click on the first option. Create a restore point
  2.  Here, click the button that says “System Restore.” System Restore
  3.  To proceed, click the Next button in the System Restore box.
  4.  Click Next after selecting the restart point.
  5.  When you click “Finish,” your PC will be fixed.

9. Reset the PC

If you think that the Windows login screen isn’t showing because of wrong settings or broken files, you can reset your PC. Here are the steps to take to reset Windows 11:

  1.  If you press Windows + I simultaneously, Settings will open.
  2. Click the Recovery option in the System menuLogin Screen Not Showing
  3.  Click the button here that says “Reset PC.” Login Screen Not Showing
  4. You will get two options here, i.e., Keep My Files and Remove Everything. Continue with either of the two options as per your preference. Login Screen Not Showing
  5.  Select the method of Windows reinstallation that you want to use. Choose Cloud Download to get Windows from the internet or Local Reinstall to install Windows from the ISO file on your system.
  6.  Now, click Change Settings, make all your desired settings changes, and then click Confirm.
  7.  To continue, click the Next button.
  8.  Now, click on Reset, and the PC will start to be reset.

Final Words

All the steps that could help fix Windows 11’s Login Screen not showing are listed above. But if you got to the end of the article and the error was still there, you should reinstall Windows 11. Often, a PC reset won’t fix the issue, and you’ll have to reinstall Windows.

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