Solved – How To Fix Printer Spooler Error in Windows 11

When attempting to print something from the printer, you may encounter an error that causes the print to be canceled. This might be aggravating when you need to print something but cannot do so due to errors. The printer spooler issue is a typical error you may face with Windows 11. The printer spooler keeps track of all the printing jobs. It also puts them in a queue to be sent to other printers and printing providers. Printer Spooler Error might occur when the printer spooler is overburdened with tasks.

Fix Printer Spooler Errors in Windows 11

There is no need to be concerned if you are experiencing Printer Spooler Errors with Windows 11. However, this article will discuss fixing Printer Spooler Errors on Windows 11.

Fix 1: Restart Your PC

This issue is frequently linked to random and transitory faults in your System. Restarting your computer will readily fix such issues. This would be the best if you tried restarting your computer and seeing whether the error persists.

Fix 2: Update Your Windows

You should update your Windows 11 system. If there is a bug in Windows 11, it will be addressed in the most recent Windows 11 update. However, if you still receive Printer Spooler Error with Windows 11 download, you should try updating your computer.

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Fix 3: Run The Printer Troubleshooter

The next step is to run the printer troubleshooter. The printer troubleshooter will find and fix any issues with your printer. Follow the instructions below to run the printer troubleshooter:

  • You can access your PC’s settings by hitting the Windows + I key combination.
  • You’ll be taken to the System section of Settings by default. If you are not in the System section, go to the left sidebar of the settings and choose System.

Printer Spooler Error

  • Click on troubleshoot, then additional troubleshooters. Now, next to the printer, select the Run option. The printer troubleshooter will be launched.
  • Follow these on-screen instructions to scan your printer for problems and resolve them.

Fix 4: Clear The Printer Queue

As previously stated, this problem might occur when the Printer Spooler is overburdened with multiple printing workloads. It would be best if you tried clearing the printer queue to resolve the problem. This Printer Spooler Error will no longer be overloaded after you clear the printer queue, and the issue will be resolved.

Fix 5: Use Another App And the Remove All Other Printers

If this problem persists, you should try utilizing another printing app. A flaw in your software could cause this issue. If you try printing with another app, the problem should go away.

You may run into this problem if you have many printers attached to your computer. Due to printer conflicts, multiple printers might produce Printer Spooler failures in Windows 11. You can try removing all other printers that might be causing the problem and seeing whether the problem still exists. If the Printer Spooler error persists, proceed to the next step.

Fix 6: Reinstall The Printer

Remove the printer that you are currently using for printing. Remove the printers and the drivers and software that came with them. Reinstall the printer and try printing again after that. After that, you should no longer have to deal with the problem.

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Fix 7: Fix Print Spooler Services

Another thing you could attempt is to repair the Print Spooler Services. Follow the steps outlined below to solve Printer Spooler Error:

  • On your keyboard, press the Windows + R key combination. Type services.MSC into the Run dialogue box and here press Enter.
  • This will bring up the Services window on your computer.
  • Look for Print Spooler services here. Right-click on it and here select Properties from the menu.

Printer Spooler Error

  • In the properties, go to the General tab and then to Stop.
  • After that, enter the Windows + R key combination, then type C:WindowsSystem32spoolprinters and press Enter.
  • Now pick all of the printers in the folder and delete them.

Printer Spooler Error

  • Return to the Print Spooler Properties window in the Services window now.
  • To restart the service, click the start button once more. Click OK when you’re finished.

Now try printing from the printer, and the Printer Spooler errors in Windows 11 should be gone.

Fix 8: Fixing the Print Spooler Using Command Prompt

If the previous approaches failed to resolve the problem, you should try utilizing the Command prompt to resolve it. To resolve the problem, follow the instructions below to fix Printer Spooler Error:

  • Look for CMD in the start menu. Right-click on the command prompt and then select Run as Administrator from the menu.

Printer Spooler Error

  • Now write the following instructions at the command prompt and press Enter:
  1. net stop spooler
  2. del /Q /F /S “% systemroot percent System32SpoolPrinters*.*”
  3. net spooler start

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Final Words:

After that, you should be free of the problem. This procedure is identical to the last one. However, instead of utilizing the Services app, you’ll use the command prompt to resolve the problem.

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