Best Windows XP Emulator For PC Running Windows 10

Best Windows XP Emulator For PC Running Windows 10. Windows 10 and 11 are the latest versions of the Windows operating system. But Windows XP was the most used operating system ten years ago.

No wonder XP was liked for being fast, easy to use, performing well, and stable. XP has reached the end of its useful life and is now old. Windows XP can only be used for testing and learning, no matter what.

Despite that, this kind of app won’t work right on Windows 10. You can still use Windows XP on Windows 10 by using virtualization. If that doesn’t work, you can use the dual boot or compatibility mode.

Because it only works with Windows 8 and older versions, the compatibility won’t work now on Windows 10. So let’s look at how to use the Windows XP version on Windows 10.

Prerequisite Things to Emulate Windows XP on Windows 10

First and foremost, ensure you have everything you need before setting up. If you do, you could avoid ending up in a mess.

1. Download Windows XP ISO Image

This is the first thing you need to have right away. From the Internet Archive, you can get the Windows XP ISO Image. You can get it for free there, and it’s safe to use. Windows XP should be used as a backup operating system, not for daily use, is the suggestion at the end.

2. Download and Install Virtual Box

Various virtual machines are available to use. Here, we will use Oracle’s Virtual Box to make Windows XP appear running. Other good options include Vmware Player and Hyper-V.

Hyper-V is a program that comes with Windows 10, so if you don’t use any other programs, you can choose to use it.

So, download and install Virtual box from this page. Installing an executable file on Windows is the same as installing any other tool.

3. Storage

Here’s something else important you should know. You need to ensure the new OS has enough RAM and space. But there wouldn’t be any trouble with the room. But ensure you have at least 512 MB RAM so that all the important parts work well.

How to Set Up Windows XP Emulator on Windows 10 using Virtual Box

After getting and installing the virtual box and other required software, we can set up everything in peace. Now, carefully follow these steps.

Creating Virtual Box

  1. To start a virtual machine, open the virtual box and click the “New” button.Windows XP
  2. There will be a pop-up asking for some basic details.

Name: Give it a name that people can understand and remember.

Machine Folder: It will immediately create a folder for the machine, which you can modify as needed. I’m keeping it the same for now.

Enter Microsoft Windows.

Version: Windows XP (32-bit). Now click the Next button when everything is prepared.fill basic information for windows xp emulator

  1. You have to give the right amount of RAM here. The virtual box will ask for 192 MB, but it’s best to give it at least 512 MB to run smoothly.Windows XP
  2. We’ve given out enough RAM. Now it’s time to choose the size of the virtual hard disk that the virtual machine will use to store data. Click Create a virtual hard disk now.Create a virtual hard disk now
  3. After that, choose Virtual Disk Image (VDI) and click next.
  4. Here, you can choose between two kinds of virtual disks: one that is dynamically generated and one that is fixed in size. Click on the button that says “Dynamically allocated.”
  5. Next, pick a disk size between 10 GB and 2 TB. We choose 10 GB. Now, all you have to do is click the Create button. Boom, you have made the virtual machine.Windows XP

Installing Windows XP on The Virtual Machine

As of now, we have built the virtual machine successfully. We’ll use the ISO image to install Windows XP on the virtual machine. You must follow this.

  1. First, click the virtual machine’s Start button.
  2. Select the start-up disk, then click the folder icon to open a dialogue on the folder icon
  3. Next, click the “Add” button to add your Windows XP ISO image.Windows XP
  4. Click the Open button after choosing Windows XP ISO Image file.
    Select Windows XP ISO Image file
  5. After that, click on choose
  6. Click the Start button after uploading the Windows XP ISO Image file.Windows XP
  7. Windows XP will meet you on the next screen.Windows XP will greet you
  8. Now finish setting up Windows XP like you normally would. But it will ask about the disk partition, the language, the area, and other things.Windows XP

Final Words

Here’s how to use a Windows XP emulator on a Windows 10 computer. There are many ways to get Windows XP, but this is one of the easiest. Let us know in the comments if you need any help.

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