AMD FirePro W4300: Low Profile Workstation Card
FirePro W4300 is a workstation graphic card from AMD. They have launched this graphic card on 1st December 2015 at Autodesk University. It is specially made for the low profile works such as CAD in small form factor and Tower workstation. So, this graphic card can be easily installed in Small form factor and Tower… (0 comment)

Top 5 Phones With Fingerprint Scanner
With the advancement of technology, biometric security has become one of the most trusted segments of mobile authentication. A small touch of your finger or a single look of your eye is now capable of restricting who gets to use your phone.  But, with Iris scanners still under development, the only option that becomes a… (0 comment)

5 Best 40 Inch LED TV’s In India
As technology has grown tremendously in the last five years, a bunch of TV’s sporting interesting features have come and gone.Among the different technologies that were introduced, LED seems to have stayed for long. LED TV’s are not completely different from LCD TV’s. In fact, they are only LCD TV’s backlit with light emitting diodes… (0 comment)

Tips To Get Money For Your Old Mobile Phone
With most networks frequently allowing you to upgrade your mobile, many of us have a selection of redundant phones gathering dust or lying forgotten in a drawer at home. A thriving marketplace, however, has developed for second hand phones, so if you need some cash, selling your old phones is an option.… (0 comment)