How To Easily Block Specific Subreddits?

Easily Block Specific Subreddits: Reddit, sometimes known as the internet’s first page, is one of the largest and most visited sites. It, like all other sites with user-generated content, contains inappropriate content. So, what should you do if an undesirable post is upvoted and shows on your r/all list? Blocking Reddit subreddits that weren’t your cup of tea used to be a piece of cake. Reddit users must now go deeper to reclaim control of their r/all feeds.

The Way Things Were…

Before Reddit was back redesigned, users could filter their feeds. Blocking specific subreddits was a breeze, with the option conveniently located on the r/all page. To enter an annoying subreddit from your feed, type its name into the search box titled filter subreddit, click the Plus symbol, and you’re done.

Block Specific Subreddits

However, after more than a year of development and testing, Reddit launched the redesigned site in 2018. It was the site’s first major graphic change in over a decade. Slicker graphics and other modifications came with the new design. In addition, the filter subreddit search box was removed from the r/all page.

Reddit Today

Reddit’s default view is the new one at the time of writing. However, nostalgic users can return to the old view, which has been relocated to For the time being, all new posts are being posted there. If you create an account on the new site, you will also be able to utilize it on the old site.

The old site is exactly how it was before the redesign, down to the filter subreddit search box on the r/all page. Try it by entering the name of a subreddit you want to remove from your feed. It will be removed from your old Reddit feed. However, the subreddit you blocked on the old site will not be blocked on the new one.

Block Specific Subreddits

As a result, it may appear that users of the new Reddit site need help to block subreddits they don’t want in their feeds. However, this is only partially true. So let’s look at how you may remove undesirable communities from your r/all feed.

How To Easily Block Subreddits Nowadays?

With the filter subreddit search box removed from the feed, there’s nothing an ordinary user can do to remove the objectionable content that the community has upvoted. This is true for both the site’s desktop and native mobile apps.

However, individuals who want to avoid using third-party apps and add-ons can switch to Reddit Premium. Depending on the platform, the premium version of the site and/or app will allow you to block specific Reddit subreddits from the r/all feed.

Well, to upgrade to Premium membership, go to the upper-right corner of the browser window and click on the User Settings option. Then, under the Reddit Premium tab, click the Get Premium option. Next, click the Get Reddit Premium button on the following page and choose your payment option. Follow the directions.

Block Specific Subreddits

When you’ve finished the upgrade, head to the r/all page and start hitting the block hammer, the procedure is much the same as it was on the old version of Reddit.

Native Mobile Apps

Mobile users, like their desktop/laptop counterparts, are out of luck when it comes to blocking specific subreddits. There is no option to use a block hammer on the Android or iOS version of the Reddit app. Instead, they can upgrade to Reddit Premium and use their PC browser to filter out undesirable subreddits.

Download and install the Reddit app on your mobile device to upgrade. Launch the app from your device’s Home screen. Tap on your avatar (on Android, it’s in the upper-left corner) and then on the Reddit Premium tab. Tap the Get Premium button and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Block Specific Subreddits

Aside from the ability to block Reddit subreddits, a Premium membership allows you to purchase Reddit Gold. This onsite money can be used to engage with other users and their content. Finally, Reddit will cease displaying your advertisements. Reddit Premium costs $5.99 monthly and is available on all devices once purchased.

Third-Party Solutions

If you wish to reclaim your r/all feed but are hesitant to pay Reddit, you may install one of the numerous browser extensions. The Reddit Enhancement Suite is our personal favorite. The app is available for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari.

Block Specific Subreddits

We used the Google Chrome version for this essay. The nicest thing about this extension is that there are several tips and tutorials on Reddit on how to use it. First, download and install the extension. Now, let’s look at how to remove a bothersome subreddit from your r/all feed.

1 – Start your browser. Navigate to

Block Specific Subreddits

2 – Click the RES extension from the drop-down menu. There will be a drop-down menu. (If you’re using Chrome, click the puzzle-piece button, then the three-dot icon next to the RES extension.)

Block Specific Subreddits

3 – Click the Options button. You may notice a cog icon depending on the version. Click on it.

Block Specific Subreddits

4 – The Reddit Enhancement Suite page will open. Click on the filteReddit tab in the left-hand menu below the Subreddits category.

Block Specific Subreddits

5 – Turn on the filteReddit option.

Block Specific Subreddits

6 – Scroll down the page and change the parameters for your blocked Subreddit.

7 – Select the +add filter button in the lower-left corner of the Subreddits box.

Block Specific Subreddits

8 – Navigate to the subreddit that you don’t want to view.

Repeat steps 8 and 9 if you wish to block more subreddits. After you’ve finished, scroll up and click the Save options button.


Reddit chose to claim the r/all feed with the new layout and design. Users unwilling to accept whatever is served on the feed can reclaim their freedom from Reddit’s algorithm. Paying for the Premium membership and downloading third-party apps are also options. What have your experiences been with questionable content on Reddit? How do you go about doing it? Do you report individual posts and posters, or do you block entire Reddit subreddits? Elaborate in the comments section below.

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