The 5 Best Customer Advocacy Software in 2024

Customer advocacy software for your Company? You have reached the right spot. This guide will help you find the best customer advocacy software 2024 by providing a full study of each product’s features, cost, rating, and other information.

We all know what advocacy marketing is and how it can benefit a company today. A business, on the other hand, has many happy consumers. They vary in how interesting and reliable they are. The hard part is finding those consumers and keeping their attention so they may tell others about you.

Gathering online customer comments and social proof is the sole objective of advocacy marketing software. After all the social proof is put together, a way for the clients to communicate is made available.

Referral marketing software, brand awareness software, and customer advocacy software are all similar because they all try to get people to talk about your business and get them involved through word of mouth.

There are a lot of software companies out there that try to find the Company’s top leaders. They keep customer engagement with the brand. Advocacy programs frequently offer rewards to draw in and keep loyal clients.

What is Customer Advocacy Software?

Customer advocacy software helps businesses put a high value on customer happiness and loyalty by giving them tools for finding, recruiting, and handling customer champions. These tools provide:

  • A platform for handling customer comments.
  • Finding social media leaders.
  • Tracking customer advocacy campaigns and their results.

By building a loyal and active customer base, businesses can increase their income and brand recognition over the long run.

How Customer Advocacy Software work or function?

To interact with their clients and win their loyal support as brand champions, businesses use customer advocacy software. On the platform that the software provides, customers may interact with one another, share their experiences, and give feedback. Businesses can also monitor customer engagement and happiness, identify areas for improvement, and quickly meet customer needs. Using customer advocacy software, businesses may establish a network of loyal followers and develop close relationships with their clients.

Benefits of Customer Advocacy Software

Some benefits of customer advocacy software are:

  • To increase customer loyalty and customer engagement, it helps in finding and using customer champions.
  • Makes social media and customer reviews to improve brand recognition and draw in new customers.
  • It improves the overall customer experience by giving information about how they behave, what they like, and how satisfied they are.
  • It brings customers more into the business and encourages them to play a bigger role in its growth.
  • Lowers customer turnover and increases customer happiness by making it easy to handle customer issues quickly and effectively.

Best Customer Advocacy Software

Checkout top 5 Best Customer Advocacy Software in 2024.

1. GrowSurf

GrowSurf is a company that focuses on the brand advocacy part of reference schemes. The platform is state-of-the-art software that makes it easy and quick to set up, manage, and keep an eye on all of your brand ambassadors who use reference software. Also, payments and referrals go hand in hand because it has the best links with payment platforms like Stripe. You may give away gift cards, account credits (through Zapier or customer webhooks), coupons or subscription savings (if you’re using Stripe), and more.


  • Make your links available for referrals.
  • Include software components directly on your website; forms are automatically identified.
  • Automated completion of rewards
  • Automated email correspondence
  • Control and modify awards
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Customer service is excellent.
  • Service management for every plan


Growsurf has three premium options:

  • Startup that supports up to 10,000 members for $775 per month, paid yearly
  • Company that can accommodate 25,000 attendees
  • Elite, capable of accommodating up to 75,000 players

2. Influitive

In addition to customer advocacy, Influential offers chances for community and connection. The pricing point is consistent with their objective of working with big businesses. The base package includes a loyalty and rewards program, a few campaign themes, the ability to turn on the advocacy program, personalization and targeting, and a full analytics and reports area. It costs a lot, so if your business is small or just starting, you might need more money to afford it.


  • Mechanisms of engagement and gamification
  • Experiences that are targeted and customized for participants
  • Acknowledgment for recommendations beyond standard gift cards or cash rewards
  • Advanced knowledge repository


For the Digital Community, customer advocacy rates are $1,499 monthly; more information is available upon application and by contacting Influitive.

Despite the lack of a trial, you should get in touch with their support staff if you’re interested in what they have to offer.

3. Kangaroo

Customer Advocacy

Kangaroo is mostly for businesses with real places, like stores, gyms, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and more. Businesses may sign up for Kangaroo and set up a customer loyalty program with incentives that will encourage customers to not only buy from them but also tell their friends and family about them. In addition to having access to their information on any device thanks to their combined analytics platform, business owners may receive changes by email and SMS. One interesting thing about them is that they can send push messages to people based on their location.


  • Numerous interaction options exist, including geo-activated alerts and traffic boosters.
  • Participants’ individual dashboards that are consistent with your branding
  • While they are with you, easily add new consumers to the program.
  • Various alternatives for rewards
  • Customized gift cards
  • Tool for social media referrals


Go Ultimate costs $149 a month plus a one-time setup fee. You may plan a demo through their website, even though there isn’t a trial offered.

4. SaaSquatch

Customer Advocacy

SaaSquatch is software that lets you establish, manage, and track loyalty, referral, and special deal programs all in one place, in addition to having a catchy name. They claim to be the only platform that allows consumers, supporters, influencers, and staff to interact and be rewarded in one place. Award division options are available for campaigns run on different levels.


  • Participant division
  • Use of mobile and web
  • Rewards may be earned for a variety of actions.
  • insights and analytics from a sturdy dashboard


Go Ultimate costs $149 a month plus a one-time setup fee. You may plan a demo through their website, even though there isn’t a trial offered.

5. Brandbassador

Customer Advocacy

Brandbassador aims to build entire groups that support your Company through user-generated content, brand recognition, and general buzz-building. The social media contacts of each brand ambassador may be tracked, income from particular discount codes may be recorded separately, and campaigns may be improved using the information gathered. A few of the rewards that ambassadors can get are commissions, gift cards, or free goods. All of these rewards can be gotten directly from the platform.


  • Monitoring social engagement
  • A range of incentive choices
  • Personalized sign-up page
  • Infinite representatives
  • Using the mission builder function, you can create little campaigns.


Growth is the base plan for Pro. It comes with a personal success manager and great training. There isn’t a trial version, but you can book a demo on their website.

What role does advocacy marketing play?

An advocacy marketing campaign is one of the best ways to improve business efficiency without spending much money. This way of marketing works best and costs the least. Since this is the case, most businesses are moving toward advocacy marketing. It will be very good for both the business and the customer.

An organization’s ability to grow is affected by support marketing in the ways below:

  • Lower Cost of Customer Acquisition
  • The advocates represent the company as its sales force.
  • Enhanced customer interaction and a rise in the number of devoted patrons
  • lessens the requirement for managing an online brand’s reputation.
  • A rise in brand value.
  • There is a rise in the conversion rate.


You can do some of the work to manage your group of loyal customers and fans when you use customer advocacy software. You can sit back and watch as leads, sales, and purchases pour in because nearly every part of the campaign may be automatic. If you want to try out customer advocacy software, start your promotion program by signing up for GrowSurf’s 14-day free trial.

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