How to Fix Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation?

Do the videos you added to your PPT presentation not load or work? Here is a simple guide on how to Fix Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation. Let’s fix the problem where videos won’t play in PowerPoint presentations by following this guide. I’ve given you some tips that will help you figure out how to fix this problem.

When it comes to making interactive presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is always a favourite among users. Most of the time, images, clip art, charts, and videos are used in a PowerPoint presentation. Users say that when they put a video clip on a PowerPoint video for a project, the clip doesn’t play. It would sometimes start playing and then get stuck.
The sound won’t play at the same time as the video.

Reasons Why Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentations

Here are a some reasons why the video clips used in PowerPoint presentations might not be playing. If you copied the video clip from another device, it might not have been copied correctly. This could cause the video clip to get messed up. If not, if the video clip from the source is already broken, it won’t play no matter where you try to use it. Sometimes, an option might have been turned on by accident. This one makes PowerPoint presentations’ video clips invisible.

You have to disable this feature off. Video formats that don’t work with Powerpoint are another reason why videos might not play. Not all video formats can be played in Microsoft PowerPoint. It has been said that saving a presentation you made in PPT 97-2003 can affect the video clips you used in it. Though saving with this option makes it easier for older versions of the MS Office suite to run the project without any problems.

Ways to Fix Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentations

Check out these ways to fix problems with your PowerPoint project’s video clips. Very Easily you can Solve Fix Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation.

1. Make Sure to Use Videos of Compatible Format

For PowerPoint, you should always use video in the MP4 format that is encoded with H.264 and has AAC audio. If you have videos in a different format, you should change them to MP4. Then integrate them to the slides in PowerPoint.

To change the file format, you can use any of the free online video format converters.
Choose the free converters that don’t require you to sign up or give any personal information.

2. Disable Hide Video During Slideshow

Here are the steps to disable off this feature that blocks videos during a slideshow.

  1. Open the presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Go to the slide where the video you added is.
  3. To choose the video, click on it.
  4. You should see different ways to format the video on the toolbar at the top.
  5. Now, click the Playback tab.
  6. Under it, you’ll see a box that says “Hide While Not Playing.”

Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation

3. Check if the Video Clip is Corrupt

If a video clip isn’t playing, try playing it on another platform, like VLC Media Player.
You can even try playing on any other media player. Use other devices to play the video.
If the video clip won’t play on any other device or media player, it’s broken.

Second, if the video plays everywhere else but not on the PowerPoint slide, the video format might not be compatible.

4. Embed the YouTube Video

Do you want to use a video from YouTube in your PowerPoint presentation? Then, instead of directly pasting the video link, embed the video code of that video. Let me show you the steps to get the video code.

  1. Open a PowerPoint presentation that already exists.
  2. Go to the slide where you want to integrate the YouTube video.
  3. Now, open your PC’s browser and go to YouTube. Play a video you want to use in your slides.
  4. Click the button that says “Share.”

Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation

5. Now, click on Embed. A piece of code will show.

Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation

6. Click on the COPY button. This will copy down the piece of code.

Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation

7. Now, open the presentation and click “Insert” in the menu bar.

8. Next, in the toolbar, click the Video button.

9. Click on Online Videos in the small menu that comes up.

Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation

10. When asked for the URL of the video, paste the embed code you copied from that YouTube video.

11. To finish adding the code for the video, click the Insert button.

Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation

5. Make Changes in the Video Playback Settings

Try to play the video on a slide yourself instead of letting it play automatically. You need to change a setting to make that happen.

1. Start PowerPoint up on your computer.

2. Go to the slide with the video clip on it.

3. If you click on the video, you will see different ways to format the video at the top of the screen.

4. Next, click on the tab called “PlayBack.”

5. Now, you’ll see the word Start right under it. The setting will be In Click Sequence.

6. Click on the drop-down menu and change that to When Clicked On.

Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation

Now, the video will only play if you move through the slides and click on a video clip on a slide.

6. Do Not Save Project as Powerpoint 97-2003

Since most PCs are new, they use the latest version of Windows and the MS Office suite that goes with it. So, saving the PowerPoint presentation in PPTX format is a good idea.
If you save the project in PPT format, it will run with older versions of MS Office.
When you save a Powerpoint presentation from 97 to 2003, the video clips on the slides may stop playing.

If you want to save in PPTX format,

1. Click “File,” then “Save As.”

2. Click the Save As Type button in the Save As box.

3. Choose Save As > Type to PowerPoint Presentation, which is the PPTX format.

Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation

4. Avoid saving it as Powerpoint 97-2003 Template.

5. Using the steps above, you can change a slide that has been saved in this format to PPTX format.

Check to see if the video in the presentation is playing after you change the Save As type.

Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation Final Words:

Interactive video clips should be a part of a good PowerPoint presentation.
Along with other images and charts, it makes it easy for the audience to understand what’s on the slides. If one or more videos on your PowerPoint project aren’t playing, follow the steps above to fix them before you give your presentation. If you have anything to say about How to Fix Videos Not Playing in PowerPoint Presentation?, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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