Best Radio Apps For iPhone & iPad You Can Use

What medications cannot treat, music can. We’re all aware of the significance of music in our lives. Fortunately, one can find hundreds of apps on the app store to acquire the best music, and iPhones are made so that they are a treat for music fans. However, with these features, you may occasionally miss radio, which is normally found in other smartphones. However, you need not be concerned since, with today’s quicker and cheaper internet, you can easily use an online radio tuner on your iPhone to listen to radio apps from any country from anywhere.

Best Radio Apps For iPhone & iPad You Can Use

This post will discuss the best free apps for listening to internet radio on your iPhone.

1. myTuner Radio

This Radio app has a basic UI and looks like a regular radio tuner on other smartphones. You may find your favorite local radio station from over 40k stations. The best advantage of tuning a radio is that you may listen to your favorite music and programs. You may list your favorite music stations and listen to them anytime.

2. Audials Radio

Because it includes over 80K radio stations, the app deserves to be at the top of the list of online Radio apps for iPhone. You may listen to your favorite music from over 120 genres. You can instantly find your local radio stations. Also, you can see all the information about the music that is now playing, such as the Album, Artist, etc.

3. Live365 Radio

As the name suggests, the app provides live radio streaming 365 days a year. Though this app lags behind its competitors in terms of functionality, it is ideal if you search for an app with a simple UI. Additionally, you will see a minimal selection of genres from which to select fundamental genres. This is a must-have app if you don’t rely only on the radio for music.

4. iHeart Radio

Because you can listen to AM and FM radio on this app, it is one of the best radio tuner apps for iOS. You may also listen to podcasts from well-known people. In addition, this app lets you fine-tune stations based on genres, nations, and so on. If you upgrade to the premium edition, you will be able to download songs and listen to them when offline.

5. TuneIn Radio

With over 100000 stations, the TuneIn Radio app is one of the best radio tuning apps for iPhone. You may listen to live radio stations from all over the world. In addition, this app has a large collection of 60,000 audiobooks as an add-on to its capability as a radio app. With this app, you may listen to the podcast whenever it is convenient for you.

The Bottom Line: Radio Apps For iPhone & iPad

So those are the best apps for tuning in to radio on iPhone. You only need to have your smartphone linked to the internet to enjoy free wireless radio with these apps.

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