10 Best Apps/Websites Like CooMeet

With the help of CooMeet, you can video chat with thousands of people from all over the world. You could try something else for talking, even though it has a lot of valuable tools and perks. You can pick from different CooMeets choices that do the same things.

It can be good for your mental health to talk to people in a secret chat room where you can be yourself. Feel free to express how you are feeling, thinking, and thinking without worrying about being judged. And CooMeet could help you meet the person you’ll love forever.

10 Best Sites Like Coomeet to Talk with Strangers

Many new video chat apps come out, just like CooMeet. You could put in a scam or something worse if you aren’t careful. Go through this page to find sites like Coomeet if you need help.

1. MeetMe


Like CooMeets, MeetMe is free and lets you meet and chat with new people. Using this app, you can speak to people in your area who are interested in the same things you are. Tools like video calls, text chat, and even live shows can help you have fun. MeetMe! It makes finding a new friend easier.

To meet people who like the same things you do, join a big MeetMe group. Start a video call with them after sending them a text message to split the ice. You can enter other people’s livestreams or start your own with this app, which is great.

If you’re brave and want to get your followers, MeetMe lets you make your video. During your live streams, you can fight other users, get or give them gifts, and go on dates, along with live shows that last a long time. MeetMe can help you meet new people and make friends. Google Play lets you get this app for free. The app lets you buy more things inside it.

Download on Google Play

2. Holla


With Holla, you can meet people from all over the world. Many people like this random video chat app because it lets you make free talk calls, video calls, and text chats. With a few clicks on your computer, you can meet new people.

Don’t give up because of language obstacles! Talking to anyone on Holla is easy because the languages work in real-time. You can talk to people in your language with this. The app will handle the rest.

Regarding safe communities and chat rooms where you can have the best talks, Holla is like CooMeet. The group created a review system that works constantly and keeps all users safe. You have the right to report any bad action as well.

You can get this free app from Google Play over 10 million times. Inside the app, you can buy extra things.

Download on Google Play 

3. RandoChat


RandoChat has everything you need to chat with people secretly. You can start using it right away without making an account or page. You can start talking to and meeting new people when you open the app. It’s easy, safe, and quick to talk to others this way.

Your safety is important to this app. No one will be able to read your message after you send it. Family and friends won’t be able to get into your apps. It also doesn’t save your IP address or link details.

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4. Mingle2



There are lots of single people to talk to on Mingle2. The main goal is to help you find a date, which helps you meet new people. You can find new friends or do anything else with the help of the great app Mingle2. Now you can save even more time and work.

You can find people right away on Mingle2 from all over the world or nearby. Review the list to see who is online, and start talking to someone who interests you. Age or race can help you narrow down your search results.

Because of some things, Mingle2 is a good choice for CooMeet. It looks out for your safety and doesn’t share your personal information with anyone else. You can also meet up and have fun in a safe and secure chat room.

Download on Google Play

5. Omega


A lot of people around the world use Omega right now. This random chat app lets you talk to and make friends with people you don’t know. It’s possible to do this through talk, video, and texts. It’s a great way to learn about the rest of the world because this app is used in over 100 countries.

You can find a match right away on this site, like CooMeet, thanks to live video chat and live talks. It also makes it easier to find by letting you choose the area and gender. It will be easy to meet people you like if you set the filter to what you want.

Omega is a fun, safe, and healthy place to meet new people. Omega should be on your list if you want to meet new people without fear. This CooMeet app can be used for free, too, so you don’t need to sign up for a plan. Inside the app, you can buy more tools.

Download on Google Play

6. Qeep



There are lots of sites like CooMeet. But Qeep is a great way to meet new people safely. One of the best ways to meet new people online is through this app, which has been around for a while. You’ll have plenty to do with this app whether you want to talk to people, make friends, find a partner, or do something else. Besides that, Qeep lets you play free fun games. It’s like having fun and meeting new people all in one app.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

7. Badoo


A video chat app Badoo can help you find a date with a stranger. The app was made to help people find dates, but many also use it to make friends and meet new people. This CooMeet choice has a fun connect feature that lets you video chat with your new friends in person. It helps a lot before you meet in person.

Regarding safety, Badoo is a good dating app with a safe group. It has a “private message detector” and a “rude message detector” to ensure everyone has a good time.

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8. Chatous



Chatous is an app that makes it easy for you to chat with people worldwide. Make a special link with new people and talk about anything you want, from funny jokes to fun ideas, without thinking about what other people will think.

You can chat with real people instead of bots on Chatous, which makes it stand out. Hashtags let you find people who like the same things you do. You can create a fun video chat with someone once you find a friend you like. It’s also easy to share photos, which helps to reduce stress.

This app, like CooMeet, lets you go secretly if you want to. Without anyone knowing who you are, Chatous lets you chat. This is helpful if you’re shy or want to keep your stuff to yourself. The name that people see can also be changed.

You can get this secret chat app for free, and its it’s simple layout makes it easy to use. Now it’s your turn to use this app to connect with other happy people and the rest of the world. It lets people buy extra things inside the app if they so choose.

Download on Google Play

9. AntiLand


If you want a chat app that allows you talk to people without giving your name, AntiLand is a good choice. This random chat app is a great place to share your feelings, secrets, and weird stories with people. I don’t care what other people think.

No one else can see what you’re talking about because this app shows words that disappear. You can learn languages or ways of life from interesting people from other places. Also You don’t have to wear a mask anymore with this app. You can instead be honest about who you are.

AntiLand has become a well-known random chat app because of some things. You can make new friends and meet new people. You can also find people who like the same things you do. That tool makes it easier to narrow down the list.

If you want to meet people from all over the world, this CooMeet choice is great. Share funny pictures or memes with other people in the chat space to break the ice. You can have fun with your new friends by playing games in the app.

Download on Google Play

10. Wink



If you like to talk and video chat with people by sending them pictures or videos, you should try Wink. Users of this social app can swipe left or right on anyone who reads your bio. This app is still a fun way to meet new people every day, even though you can only swipe a certain number of times daily.

Wink users can also use the app differently. You can get gems and buy page backgrounds with them. Also You don’t have to talk and meet new people. You can play the games too. It is worth your time, after all.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store


You can’t live without your phone these days. So why not use this smart thing to meet new people? It can help you with everything. To help you meet people from all over the world, video chat apps like Badoo, OmeTV, and AntiLand were made. These sites like Coomeet give a lot more than just video chat. They also let you make video calls, send text messages, share pictures, and keep you safe.

You can also make friends worldwide using any of the apps we’ve talked about so far. This is a great place to meet a stranger if you like surprises and want to follow some rules.

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