How To Fix Lively Wallpaper – Isn’t Working On Windows 11?

If you are unfamiliar with live wallpapers, these are animated wallpapers that are not static images set as wallpapers. Live wallpapers may be set not only on your PC but also on cellphones. Live wallpapers are a cool way to personalize and customize your Windows 11 computer. You may make your own live wallpapers and set them as your computer’s Wallpaper and add sound to them. But what if the Lively Wallpaper live wallpaper engine isn’t working? Continue reading because we have a solution for you!

Is Live Wallpaper Supported In Windows 11?

Lively Wallpaper is a free-to-use, open-source wallpaper engine. You may set your videos, GIFs, or a piece of your favorite YouTube video on your computer’s live Wallpaper.

Although the Wallpaper has a time restriction before it resets and starts, it is a cool way to customize your desktop or laptop. For example, if you have numerous monitors, you may set distinct live wallpapers for each one or repeat them throughout the entire system.

So, if you’re wondering whether Windows 11 allows live wallpapers, the answer is yes. You may download the Lively Wallpaper from the Lively Wallpaper website for your Windows 11 computer and previous versions of Windows.

What To Do If Lively Wallpaper Isn’t Working On Windows 11?

1 – Open the Lively Wallpaper app. 

2 – When it appears, hit Win + R to open up the Run dialogue box.

3 – Enter SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe and press OK.

4 – Check and uncheck. Animate the controls and elements inside the windows, then click Apply and OK.

5 – Now, The Lively Wallpaper will start working.

Does The Lively Wallpaper App Cause The Computer To Slow Down?

The answer is no unless you have many monitors set to high-resolution wallpapers at maximum FPS. However, your computer’s performance may suffer if you set the wallpaper setting to high and run other intensive apps, such as games, or if you are editing videos or photos.

However, you may get around this by picking a lesser quality live image and lowering the FPS somewhat. Live wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular as computer technology becomes more powerful yearly.

You may set any video as your computer’s Wallpaper, which will not affect performance, even if you use resource-intensive apps, unless you also set high-resolution 4K live wallpapers as your Wallpaper on your Windows 11 computer. Leave a comment below to let us know whether the Lively Wallpapers now works.

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