Top 10 Sites like Saveig You Can Use In 2024

You can save images, IGTV videos, and videos from Instagram to your device using Saveig, a straightforward online downloader. Connect the menu in the upper right corner, choose “Copy Link,” and then put the URL into the URL form. Saveig will then give you the download link.

Top 10 Sites like Saveig You Can Use In 2024

The post below will teach you about different ways to save money. Saving may be viewed on a computer, mobile device, or tablet using any web software. Anyone can figure out how to use the process and save Instagram posts by reading the instructions on the website. It has very strict rules about privacy and doesn’t store media on its computers. You are not required to make an account or install any software to use the tool.

1.  Story Save– Story Downloader for Instagram

How to Get Instagram Stories – This software called Story Downloader for Instagram lets you save Instagram stories and highlights from the accounts of your favorite Instagram users. Users may save high-resolution images and data to their cell phones’ internal storage.

The app features a search bar that you can use to download the stories and highlights of your favorite Instagrammer quickly. You may view all the stories and highlights by touching on a character. The file editor lets users organize the files they’ve received and share them on other social media sites.

2.  Video Downloader For instagram

You can quickly download Instagram photos and videos with Video Downloader For Instagram, a great mobile software. You can get Instagram content from the app and transfer it on Vine, Instagram’s timeline, and other social media sites. To download videos and photos from public Instagram profiles, you must first log in to your account.

Make a list of your favorite Instagram videos with the help of this software, which also helps you manage your Instagram photos and videos quickly. Other Instagram users need help seeing the folder where your data and content are saved. The Video Downloader For Instagram App has several special features, including the ability to download Instagram videos online, save videos to watch offline and manage saved Instagram photos and videos.

It also has features like creating a series of favorite videos, downloading Instagram stories and videos, putting Instagram content in a folder, and more. You may also download premium Instagram stories, highlights, and videos with the app.

3.  IGTV

IGTV is an Instagram social media app that features features to help users create IGTV videos from their favorite content creators at their hands. To add new content sources and videos to your list of people to follow, you may use the Find part.

Register your choices in the app to receive IGTV videos specifically suited to your needs. Users may use the built-in camera to make new IGTV videos and post them right away on Instagram. To make newly recorded videos more personalized, you may add effects.

4.  Instant Save

Using the Instant Save app, you may download and watch videos and photos from Instagram later. You may also post them right away on Instagram from your phone. You do not need to add a label to share photos or videos on Instagram.

Users can copy and describe their new photos and videos in various ways using the tools included in Instantaneous Save–an HD picture downloader for Instagram. To increase your posts’ fame, you may add new hashtags and change current ones.

5.  Story Saver for Instagram– Story Downloader

Instagram Story Saver: With the Story Downloader app, you can easily save and share stories, posts, images, and IGTV videos. You can browse for specific profiles and posts using the search bar in the interface. If you use the bulk downloading choices, you may download all the data with just one click.

You may download multimedia content to watch offline and share with family and friends on other social media sites. Users may also log in to their Instagram accounts and download data from private profiles.

6.   Story Saver for Instagram– Story Assistant

The Story Assistant app enables users to find and store their favorite stories from Instagram and Facebook, allowing them to read them whenever they want, whether online or not.

You can save your favorite Facebook or Instagram profiles using the software’s features to return to them later. Before downloading, you may use a special media player to view videos and images. It is possible to save stations and profiles to see later.

7.  InstantSave Video & image downloader for Instagram

Social-Save software InstantSave Video & Image Downloader for Instagram lets Instagram users save videos and photos to their phone’s storage to watch them later when they’re not online. Using several social networking sites, you may also share all the material you have saved with your family.

On all of your posts in the app, you may view and respond to comments made by other users. Users may save their images in high quality by selecting the Download option.

8 Story Saver App– Stories & Highlights Downloader

You may find highlights and stories in the Story Saver app. You can use the same program to sign in to both Instagram and Facebook, allowing you to manage both from one place. Users may download photos and videos by touching the shapes of the people who make the content they like on Instagram.

You can download your preferred movies and photos using this app in three simple steps. Additionally, users may create and manage as many Instagram accounts as they like.

9. Super Save– Video Downloader for Instagram

A social media software called Super Save–Video Downloader for Instagram lets you save high-quality photos and videos from Instagram to the gallery on your phone. To download the IGTV content, you don’t need to be logged into your Instagram account.

The program has features that let you download photos to your phone or store them in a favorites folder for later watching and downloading. Users may view and manage their previously saved photos and movies using the files area.

10.  in Grabber

Users can browse and save posts, stories, videos, and IGTV highlights from their Instagram accounts using Grabber, a software program. You may look at the titles and comments before downloading and sharing photos and videos.

Using the app’s features, you may also save high-quality personal pictures of your favorite Instagram users. Users can also save links to their favorite posts, which they can share with friends on social media.

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